Travel options for Fly Drive are explained

The flight for the unintentional is as easy as it sounds. This is where you fly to your destination and then travel around that area, staying in different places throughout your vacation, or used to get more places for your vacation. The most popular destinations are by plane to Florida and also to Las Vegas. […]

Why you should buy a vacation home in Florida

Florida is one of the most popular holiday destinations in the country, attracting millions of tourists each year. While there are many reasonable accommodations throughout the state, there are some good reasons to buy your own vacation home in Florida. Excellent climate Florida is the state of Sunshine and not in vain. It boasts most […]

Campgrounds in Saint Augustine, Florida

Looking for a great place to bring your car home, fifth wheel, or trailer in Saint Augustine, Florida? Well, there are quite a few beautiful places. Hiking in your recreational vehicle while enjoying Saint Augustine's Old Town, beaches or city shops are a favorite of most people visiting the area. Here are some fun things […]

Vacation Rentals Florida Coast Destin

There is nothing more than spending a holiday on the beach looking at soothing water. Destin Florida Vacation Rentals offer the perfect combination of beach fun and a comfortable and relaxing environment for you and your family. Experience the tranquility of the coastline along the beautiful beaches of Destin, a favorite destination for many travelers. […]

Air travel to Everglades

Looking for adventure? Excitement? A story that lasts a lifetime? If so, you must look no further than the shores of the good old United States. Specifically, you must look no further than South Florida's shallow low marshes. Everglades form one of the world's most interesting and complex ecosystems and cover more than seven hundred […]

Ten Florida golf courses

There are over 1,400 golf courses in the state of Florida. There is no such place anywhere in the world – when it comes to golf. We could imagine the expanses of the precious real estate that these Florida golf clubs will take for the love of this sport. Certainly Florida is second to none […]

Busch Gardens

We decided to throw the traditional Thanksgiving tradition out of the window and go to Busch Garden in Tampa, Florida. Our plan was to enjoy the day at the park if it was definitely not crowded and then we would return home for a reduced Thanksgiving party. We were a little surprised to note that […]

Sailing in Florida Keys and the Caribbean

At the southern tip of Florida is a 250 km long chain of islands dipped in a turquoise sea. It's the Keys, surrounded by the only living coral reef in the United States. The subtropical climate and the extraordinary beauty of the Atlantic Ocean have made this ecological destination the best for sailors. There is […]