Top 10 things to do in Florida Orlando

Orlando is a city of top tourist attractions. Orlando is the best place to go when it comes to the best amusement and theme parks. When visiting Orlando, you want to make sure you have a fantastic experience. That’s why we’re reviewing the top 10 things to do in Orlando, Florida.

1. The Universal Adventure Island
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This is definitely one of the most popular things to do in Orlando. There are Florida’s most popular, highly regarded theme parks. It provides great experiences especially for movie lovers, children and adults. It is made of various islands, such as the Harry Potter Wizarding World, Toon Lagoon, Port of Entry, Jurassic Park, to name just a few.

2. Disneyworld

Disney’s Magic Kingdom, the first theme park to open in Orlando, welcomes about 20 million tourists a year. This theme park consists of about six different zones, all of which are perfect for a quality experience.

3. Universal studios

Universal Studios offers great entertainment for movies and TV shows. It boasts a number of tourist attractions with live coverage. Interestingly, Universal Studios hosts a variety of seasonal events to delight visitors. Rest assured that visiting this place is a really nice time.

4. SeaWorld Orlando

For a long time, SeaWorld has been one of the most popular places to entertain. It offers numerous programs that will give you an amazing experience. It has many top-notch attractions such as the Shark Encounter Tunnel, Dolphin Cove, Stingray Lagoon – all of which provide animals with a quality experience.

5. Kennedy Space Center

Kennedy Space Center is located on the east coast of Florida. It has been one of the most popular attractions in recent years. This is also the site where NASA launched astronauts from Earth. It is definitely an immersive experience that you love so much.

6. Aquatica Park

Aquatica is one of the best water parks in Orlando. It contains many fantastic sights along with the importance of its water park. It has a cashless wristband system. This ensures that you add your money without worrying that your money will get wet. All in all, Aquatica Park offers you a fantastic experience.

7. Gatorland Orlando

Gatorland offers a high quality theme park experience. It is a haven for many living crocodiles and alligators. Gatorland offers a great place to learn more about these reptiles, allowing you to spend quality time with them. It is definitely one of the cheapest tourist destinations in Orlando.

8. Disney Hollywood Studio

Disney’s Hollywood Studio offers a surrounding amusement park. Interested in movie magic? Disney’s Hollywood studio is the place to be. You’re sure to enjoy some ridiculous moments with your loved ones here. The entertainment here is heavenly.

9. Legoland

Legoland is located in the Lakeland area near Lake Eloise. It gives you access to roller skates, fantastic shows and performances that ensure you are immersed in the entertainment world.

10. Discovery Bay

In addition to SeaWorld Orlando, Discovery Cove is a very cool place to be. You will enjoy an intimate and unique experience with the aquatic animals here. Even swimwear is recommended to experience the ambience of top-notch water.
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