Florida Tourist Attractions – Clearwater Beach, Tampa Bay Area

Although Clearwater Beach is overdeveloped and lined with beachfront cookie mill hotels, it attracts visitors due to its incredible white sand beaches, large fishing fleet and proximity to Tampa and St. Petersburg. It is also a prime location for kayaking, biking, biking and beach skating – it sums up some of the local 'tourist attractions'. If you ignore Clearwater Beach beach volleyball, which is also pretty good.

This northernmost barrier island is located about 22 miles north of St Pete Beach and 2 miles west of downtown Clearwater (a separate continental city) above Memorial Causeway (Hwy 60). From here, the road runs south on S Gulfview Avenue and north on Mandalay Ave, Clearwater's main attraction. Pier 60 is right on the roundabout where these three roads meet. From St. Petersburg it is about 1/2 hour drive or 1 1/2 hour bus ride away. Although crowded, the island is humane (only 3.5 miles long) and easy to get around.

– Pinellas trail

This 47-mile paved bicycle lane, set on an abandoned CSX railroad deck, runs from St. Petersburg to Tarpon Springs. Today it is the longest city track in the country. It's also very smooth – smooth enough for skateboarding or rollerblading as well as bicycles. There are many stops along the road with cafes, pubs, bike shops, skateboards and fast food outlets. Because it is along the old railroad route, the corridor cuts through a widely articulated landscape: sometimes you are in the center of the city, sometimes along waterways, sometimes in orange orchards, and sometimes you pass through people's backyards.

From the Clearwater Beach International Youth Hostel, which hires bicycles, cross the driveway and drive north on Harrison Ave and east on Jones St. about three blocks away. You take the road south from Clearwater to Tarpon Springs. 14 miles from Jones St on Tarpon Aven