Surf and turf! Florida's favorite Oceanside golf courses

Along with warm winds, clear skies, elegant palms, magnificent sunsets and a variety of natural landscapes, Florida's most popular feature is its pristine beaches. Every year, millions of visitors from all over the world come to the Florida Ocean to play in its waves and see its radiant beauty. Thanks to these three top courses, which are literally on the beach, golfers do not have to choose between a tropical beach vacation and a customized golf trip.

1. Ocean Trail at Ocean Hammock Beach Resort

Ocean Hammock Beach Resort is located on one of Florida's most pristine Atlantic coasts. It is one of the most popular resorts in Northeast Florida, with luxurious flair and old world charm. The beautiful property is home to two signature courses, in addition to numerous accommodations, eateries and recreational facilities. Designed by Tom Watson, the Conservatory Course is located in the wavy areas of the resort. The oceanfront is right on the beach.

The oceanfront was designed by Jack Nicklaus to showcase the best of Florida's natural landscape. The trail winds through the Atlantic Ocean, marvelous wetlands and glittering lakes. Six holes are set directly on the beach, and nine holes will play water. The games end with "Bear Claw", an exciting set of four challenging holes carefully balanced at the edge of the sweeping coastline. The oceanfront is one of Florida's top five and one of the nation's top 100.

Spreading from the lush greens of the oceanfront, the sapphire ocean is home to many animals, so it's common for golfers to see dolphins, pelicans, sandpipers and sea eagles. Happier golfers can even glance at the giant mantle swooping over the water, or watch the sea turtle lay eggs. In winter, Ocean Hammock guests can even be the birth of a true whale, one of the most endangered whale species, who wanders the North Florida coast each year to give birth to their young. North Florida is also famous for dramatic sunrises over the ocean and colorful sunsets over wetlands.

Ocean Hammock Beach Resort's oceanfront is the perfect destination for both terrestrial lime and sea dogs. Golfers will experience the best of both sides of Florida as they visit this breathtaking coastal trail.

2. Ocean connections in the Omni Amelia Island Plantation

The memorable Ocean Links turns every round of golf into a private outing. The course is part of the Omni Amelia Island Plantation, one of Florida's most luxurious, expansive, active and family-friendly resorts. The plantation includes several hundred oceanfront rooms with private balconies, 23 tennis courts, nine restaurants, a 20-room spa, many youth programs, seven miles of cycling and running tracks, and 54 holes of championship golf. This Oak Marsh trail is designed by Pete Dye and is set in the beautiful marshes of Amelia Island. Ocean Links, however, is a breathtaking tribute to the sea.

Ocean Links is located four miles from the vast, crowded beaches of Amelia Island. It winds down a dramatic dune trail shaped by Atlantic winds at night. The course is parallel to the ocean – five oceanfront golf courses are intertwined with ten holes set near lagoons, swamp wetlands and a dramatic lake. Despite its peaceful seaside nature, the trail is known to be a unique challenge due to the playful Atlantic breeze and the uniquely designed green and fairway water.

In 1971, Amelia Island Plantation was established under the slogan "In harmony with nature". Its founders wanted to prove that the land could be developed while protecting the existing natural environment. The fragile ecological balance of the Barrier Island required the preservation of tides, ocean dunes, grasslands, and savannas to provide shelter and food for wildlife in Florida. All construction projects were designed to fit in the pristine position and surroundings that Plantation wanted to preserve. The Amelia Island plantation now celebrates numerous indigenous plants and plants. The beautifully preserved transition from coastal landscapes to wetlands provides a unique opportunity to observe the vast wildlife of Florida. Conventional animal sessions at the golf course include pelicans, dolphins and sea turtles. On Amelia Island, there is also a rare common tern, a threatened bird that hatches and breeds its chicks in the seagrass adjacent to a sandy beach.

Ocean Links has been named Florida's most scenic golf resort. It is the perfect destination for golfers looking for a challenge, a beautiful view or a prime Florida natural wealth experience.

3. Naples Beach Golf Club

The Naples Beach Hotel and Golf Club provide a unique setting in Florida's Gulf of Mexico. Its 125 beautiful acres of resort and golf courses are complemented by seven miles of beaches. The Gulf of Mexico is unique in its calm sea, spectacular sunsets and soft white sand.

The golf course is located close to the beach and a short walk from the hotel. It was first rebuilt in the late 1920s, redesigned by Mark Mahanna in 1948, and repaired by Ron Garl in 1998. The course has large fairways lined with some of the oldest trees in the city. Six of the holes are by the lake, although there are no openings directly in the ocean. The course is hosted by the South Florida PGA Open.

Although the trail is a short walk from the ocean, you can see many oceanic and marsh birds, including many eagles, pelican and egret. The lakes contain Florida turtles. Neapolitan beach is a favorite nesting place for loggerhead sea turtles, so golfers may be lucky enough to take a few walks in the sunset.

Any combination of these three oceanfront courses will make golfing a unique Floridean.