The best day to see the world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios, Florida

When is the best day to see the world of Harry Potter at Universal Studios?

It has been proven that the best day to watch Disney World is Thursday and my bet is the same for Harry Potter World at Universal Studios. I'm not sure what the published logic is for Disney World, but here are my guesses …

First, all locals who get their season passes and go as often as they want … day or night are ignored. This leaves the vast majority of visitors coming from the city. Most travelers take one week off at a time, so they can include both weekends instead of 9 days instead of 5 days. Thus, most travelers travel on Friday evening (not so much) or on Saturday (vast majority).

They may travel under a package deal, which is often Saturday to Saturday, but that is not particularly important for this debate. In general, people are too tired to fly or just don't get there early enough to visit theme parks on Saturday … unless it's their last Saturday in the week and they fly out on Sunday. In any case, most people think that "everything" for leisure (restaurants, movies, and of course theme parks) is busy on weekends, so "let's go during the week when all the locals work."

However, travelers are here for just a week and the weather can always get bad, so "we should go as early as possible in the week to make sure we have the best fun when the weather is good". Maybe most people aren't that logical, but that's why I booked our trip to Universal Studio for Monday and Tuesday.

So, if the final results are later in the week, you tend to have fewer visitors if Universal Studios is the highlight of your trip; for others, Disney may be the highlight so they go on a Thursday or Friday instead of a station wagon.

In any case, every week there is a fair percentage of locals who use Friday in good weather to use the season pass. So there are probably more fans on Friday in the world of Harry Potter than on Thursday. So, by my logic, Thursday is probably the best day to reduce the time in the line. But the real question that drives visitors is … "What if it's raining on a Thursday?"