Net neutrality and hotel carrier

Carrier hotels and big data centers provide convenient sites for the telecom and networking industry to communicate with other telecom companies on a physical level, in a neutral facility that offers a high density of carriers available. As communications around the world continue to move towards packet networks and services, IP exchanges and interconnection points will add more value to the global telecommunications community.

Large networks claim compensation from smaller networks and content providers for using their own infrastructure, while the Internet community in general requires free access (network neutrality) to that infrastructure used or contracted from large enterprise-based networks. Carrier hotels are essential for the survival of smaller companies in the hope of competing with well-known utilities including AT&T, Verizon and BellSouth.

Legislation such as HR 5252, without specific network neutrality protection, will drive the second level of network providers to develop parallel infrastructure using wireless and physical cable, as well as stronger peer relationships that allow to bypass large network infrastructure. Carrier Hotels support stronger strengthening relationships between smaller networks and content providers by allowing a neutral connectivity environment, bypassing large wholesale or transport network infrastructure.

Hierarchical internet

Over the past fifteen years or so, the Internet has been divided into three main levels:

• Level 1 – Spine Carrier. These first tier carriers depend on establishments and carry the entire internet routing schedule. Typically recognized Internet providers that Level 1 includes Verizon (formerly known as UUNET / MCI Internet), Sprint, AT&T, and Cable & Wireless.

• Level 2 – Regional and Second Internet. They are usually facility-based, yet still rely on a level one level for some routing and transit operations. This includes cable TV networks, CLEC, and second-tier international carriers such as France Telecom Open Transit and Level 3.

• Level 3 – Access to networks and content service provider networks.

An overview is a concept that allows networks to enter into mutual agreements that allow traffic to be transmitted directly between its networks, without the need to use a higher-level network for this transport. The paid look is how Level 2 and Tier 1 networks charge smaller networks in order to access their core networks or allow their network subscribers to access the rest of the Internet in the world.

The Neutrality Network assumes that users will be able to control the type of content or applications they produce or access, regardless of the degree or quality of service. Consequently, whether you pay for a dedicated port that you can handle, or if you pay a usage-based billing model, all you pay is the ability to send and receive packets at the price agreed in your contract with a level 2 upstream or level 1 network provider.

Current legislation (HR5252) would grant level 2 and level 1 carriers much greater control over the product content and applications used by both level 3 networks and content / application providers, but also limits the ability of end users to use network applications. Some of the most common examples are VoIP or VoIP. Level 1 and Level 2 networks claim VoIP requires higher quality of service, and therefore places unreasonable demands on the underlying network. They claim that content providers, such as Google and Yahoo, are able to provide their content to users at no charge or charge to backbone network providers who use them as transport networks.

Originally verbiage in HR5252 included a network neutral discussion. Network neutrality is the principle that "Internet users must control the content they watch and the applications they use on the Internet." From the start, the Internet worked on the principle of neutral network service provider, nurturing technical innovations, developing online industries, and creating a truly global community and market.

The Internet was built with the idea of ​​openness, which was only challenged by restrictive governments who believed it necessary to limit citizens ’freedom to access and display open information. With IPv6, governments will continue to find control over the Internet which is a tough proposition, because IPSEC will increase their ability to reduce or intercept data.

Carrier hotels and neutral network support

Carrier hotels are inherently real estate. Carrier hotels earn money by renting or licensing footprint, uninterruptible power, cooling and interconnection. The more interconnections and networks within a property, the more important that characteristic of the telecommunications and network community becomes. The logic is very simple. If you are in a carrier company, you can generally connect to another network or carrier by using a local area connection, and in some cases simply a "bird" cable. If you are geographically separated in a data center from a major transport company hotel (such as One Wilshire, 60 Hudson, The Westin Building, or Telehouse), or if you are a tenant in a data center that is currently managed by a transport company, then the cost of communication with another will be network providers And transportation companies are much higher.

A carrier hotel, such as One Wilshire, may have more than 300 carriers and service providers present as tenants within a single building. Most of these tenants will have a direct presence within the conference room occupied by the buildings, allowing all transportation companies to easily reach each other as they are all in close proximity.

The Carrier Hotel is a site where Level 3 and Tier 2 networks, as well as content and application providers can communicate directly. This allows these networks to "peer" without the need to send traffic through a large carrier or carrier from Level 2/1. In many cases, telecom operators and content providers or smaller applications can use the peer on an equal footing, with no funds passing between networks. This is important in cases where a content provider might send a massive amount of traffic to small network users. Both the content provider and the Level 3 network are likely to have paid peer arrangements with primary networks, leading both companies and their users to pay for essentially the same number of visits.

Carrier hotels may also offer additional utilities or options for Level 2 and Tier 3 networks to connect. One Wilshire and 60 Hudson work on toolkit exchanges, allowing packet networks (Internet and Internet content / applications) to communicate through an Internet exchange. Internet Exchange, such as One Wilshire & # 39; s Any2 Exchange, allows network and content providers to communicate over a single high-speed connection, then communicate with any or all other Exchange participants without having to use physical cables or port consumption.

ByPass and package exchange

The Internet is a rich environment that supports the continuous development of technologies, products and services that support communication. Three areas that have seen rapid development, in addition to growth, are Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), interactive entertainment, such as multi-user games, and on-demand rich media (video). The three need high performance access to end users, and they have the potential to produce large amounts of network traffic.

In the world of broadband access, most users connect to their network with high capacity lines, be it ADSL, Internet over CATV lines, or wireless. For the access network, transferring large amounts of users to ordinary users is not a major concern, but the payment of large amounts of traffic or high-bandwidth ports may be a factor due to the high operating costs of connecting to an upstream network provider in a paid peer relationship.

To ensure a positive end-user experience, which is clearly necessary for customer retention, the access network and content provider needs to ensure that their users do not get "bottle necks" or traffic joints between interactive users or content distribution endpoints.

Packets will flow

The Internet was originally designed as a highly viable network, allowing packets of information to route around blocks and points of failure in any network. This ability to overcome barriers and points of failure has a strange parallel in the dynamics of business relationships linked to the Internet.

As a more restrictive business structure or model becomes, an alternative model evolves or appears. The Internet community, by its very nature, wants neutrality, and has historically found ways to bypass restricted networks and legal barriers, allowing users to communicate freely with each other, regardless of the controls placed on network infrastructure, policy, security, and surveillance.

Like Internet bundles, the Internet community will find ways around Level 1 and enterprise based transport companies trying to restrict or restrict public Internet applications and services.

VoIP and the end of the phone networks

VoIP is closely monitored by the government, the telecom industry, and most importantly, the end user community. Pricing, call quality and ease of use are among the important topics, as are the controls and security implications of sending calls over a packet network.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is not only concerned with the actual performance of the network, but must also look forward to the long-term question about convergence or video and conference integration, application sharing and network presence in the future. Today's world operates a numbering system called E.164. E.164 is the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) Recommendation for international and domestic telephone numbering systems. With VoIP, the E.164 numbering plan is gradually replaced by network presence indicators, which simply "authorize" your required identity on a phone or bundle network, and announce your availability for interactive or non-interactive communications.

The user's instant messaging identity is the best example of an active network presence indicator, but even instant messaging engines quickly add interactive voice modules to its interface. The audio unit can either be directly connected to the chat interface, or it can be "connected" to the interface through the presence guide.

The term "proxy" service is called ENUM. ENUM records are translated between E.164 phone numbering and network IP addresses or identities. Within a neutral packet exchange, ENUM records allow bulk VoIP operators or backbones to query a database with other VoIP phone numbers, and to pass VoIP calls to other IP networks<->IP, bypass any traditional transit phone operators upon completion or "terminating calls". If VoIP operators have peer agreements, this greatly reduces the amount that VoIP companies must pay to telephony service providers when starting or ending telephone traffic, allowing operators to bypass the telephone network Completely for end-to-end VoIP communication.

As all networks continue to migrate to the dial-up packet, ENUM will gradually become outdated. However, as a utility available in a neutral package exchange, many small networks can help save enough operating expenses to stay much longer than that.

Content distribution

Temporary storage companies have been around for several years, with Akamai the most prominent in almost every major data center. The reason is simple – put your content as close to the user as possible, and the user will get the best experience. Carrier hotels that fully support packet exchanges support content distribution. A company like Limelight, which distributes large amounts of media on demand, finds that there is an attractive hotel, because it allows the media to bypass the need for an intermediate or transit network. Then the performance for the end user completely depends on the performance of the access network.

If the net neutrality is not protected by HR5252, this problem becomes more severe. Both access networks and content owners will incur additional service or volume charges for delivering high bandwidth applications and content – such as VOD or media streaming. In a package exchange, the content provider is able to directly contact all participants within the exchange, and in most cases it delivers the content directly through the exchange, without charge.

Internet service provider

The ultimate benefit that a carrier hotel, particularly a carrier hotel that operates with neutral internet or packet exchange, can offer is between the ISP community. In some cases, internet dynamics justify sending the majority of traffic through one level 2 or first level network provider. You can enjoy the best possible performance, to get the best possible price. However, as the ISP continues to grow, the burden of paying transit fees or use of the upstream network provider may justify the relationships between direct peers.

The carrier hotel easily accommodates both physical connections, as well as data packet exchange. Packet exchange is best if an outlook is required among a large number of peers, and the volume of traffic is not very large. With increased traffic to one network, currency exchange traffic can be moved to a dedicated physical connection.


Carrier hotels and large neutral data centers are suitable sites for all levels of Internet networks, content providers and application providers. Given fears of an ineffective purity of neutrality in HR 5252, many Tier 2, Tier 3, and app / provider content providers are looking to carrier and neutral internet exchange to help bypass Tier 1 transit. Bypass will allow smaller networks and content providers to improve network and application performance Among the participating networks, in addition to reducing operating expenses incurred through usage-based invoices or port fees.


Historic sights to visit in Mexico

Mexico's historical attractions ranging from the ancient ruins of Olmecs, Maya and Aztec, the train routes used by screaming and the legendary Pancho Villa – are second only to the beaches of Cancun and Alcapulco. The reason for this is simple: The tale of Mexico's past, accompanied by a colossal amount of beautifully preserved historical remains, is as romantic, dramatic and complex as it is possible.

Plaza de la Constitucion, or Zocalo:

This is the main square of Mexico City's historical center. At 830 x 500 feet, it is the second largest public square in the world (Moscow's Red Square is the largest). The large area of ​​paved spaces is decorated with a huge Mexican flag in the center.

This is the heart of the city, the location of events, festivals and protests, and a good place to start your explorations.

Metropolitan Cathedral (Metropolitan Cathedral):

The colossal cathedral on the north side of Zocalo has been built for 250 years and includes a mixture of architectural styles. Like many buildings in the historic center of Mexico City, it slowly sinks to the ground.

A large engineering project was implemented in the 1990s to save the building, not to prevent it from sinking, but to ensure that the cathedral would be flooded uniformly.

Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Church:

This is not only an impressive building but also a central religious shrine for every Catholic in Latin America. It is near Mexico City, so you don't have to move far from the city. If you are interested in politics, the house where Leon Trotsky lived during the last years of his life is also located in Mexico City as with the mayor of Templo, which is the ruins of a temple believed to be the center of the universe by the Aztecs, would prove more than satisfactory.

In Guadalajara there is the distillery of José Cuervo and the Tapatia Square, where all the tourist shops are located. In Oaxaca there are Monte Alban ruins and if you have any chance of a train trip through the Canyon Canyon.

Hotels in and around tourist areas are among the best in Mexico. Getting to Mexico for any tourist from any part of the world will never be a problem thanks to the numerous trips to Mexico from around the world.


Tourist guide to the colony, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic

Santo Domingo is the oldest city in the New World, and was founded by Christopher Columbus and his younger brother, Bartholomew Columbus, in 1496. Part of the city that was inhabited in the early fifteenth century CE is called the colonial region (Zona Colonial in Spanish). The colonial region boasts many of the first in the new world. The first paved street, university, cathedral, castle, monastery, hospital, and fort – just to name a few. With beautiful architecture and rich history, Colonial Zone is a must see while visiting Santo Domingo. The colonial area is classified as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO.

In the colonial area, besides the beauty of historical buildings, you will find: hotels, restaurants, cafes, museums, bars, shops, etc. The two most famous streets in the colonial area are Las Las Damas (Women's Street) and Calle Conde. Cali Las Damas was the street where high society women after the church went on their way to lunch. Cali Las Damas is an amazing street during the day, but it gets even more exciting at night because street lights turn the walls of the buildings into a beautiful orange tint. With each step you take on the first paved street in the new world, you travel back deeper at the right time until you feel as if you were in the 15th century AD next to Christopher Columbus himself.


There are many hotels to choose from and offer a wide range of prices from economy to chic. What is nice about budget hotels in this area is that they are clean and fitted with friendly people – with many native English speakers. Keep in mind that these buildings are old, and although they are clean, most of the rooms are small and face "old building" problems. However, for the price, I think they offer a great experience in a great area. There are many of these hotels and many offer different special offers at different times, so it is difficult to recommend one specific hotel. The reason I like hotels in this area is that when you exit the door of your hotel, you don't need to pay a taxi to take you to a place to enjoy it. You are already in the # 1 destination spot in Santo Domingo.

On the upside, there are many hotels to enjoy it, but I will talk about Hodelpa Nicolas De Ovando. This hotel has spacious guest rooms, a nice courtyard outside to enjoy evenings, a mini bar, good food for breakfast buffet and for dinner a great menu, but the best aspects of this hotel are its history and architecture. Nicholas de Ovando, travel companion Christopher Columbus, was the third ruler of the Indies, and this hotel was his home and dates back to the year 1502. This hotel is located on Calle Las Damas (first paved street) in one of the first houses built, so for me, no There is a better place to stay so you can immerse yourself in the culture of the oldest city in the New World. But don't worry if the hotel is off your budget, you can visit it and enjoy a cocktail at the bar or on the patio.

Things to do and see


I highly suggest taking a walking tour of Calle Las Damas and making it the first thing to do when you arrive at the colonial area. Once you understand the buildings and their history, you will be able to enjoy them more. For example, if you sit in the Spanish square (Spain square) enjoying a nice dinner, as you look across the square and see the stone building, it will not just be a stone building anymore because after taking a walking tour, we will understand this is the house of Christopher Columbus's son, Diego Columbus.

When walking at Calle Las Damas, you will be contacted by a tour guide who will provide you with a walking tour. Until now it was every tour I took with excellent English guides. The walking tour usually takes two hours. I usually talk to the tour guide before and ask them to highlight the attempts and try to get the tour done within an hour to an hour and a half. The cost of the tour is usually around $ 1,000 Dominican Peso ($ 20), but you can try negotiating a lower price. The tour guides do a great job and they are interested, so I think they earn 1000 pesos.

The next section will talk about some of the buildings worth seeing and many of them will be included in the tour.

Buildings, museums and historical monuments

Santa Maria Cathedral / Santa Maria CathedralBuilt in 1514, it is the first cathedral of the Americas. This cathedral is an active and functioning cathedral and has 7 beautiful chapels.

Alcázar de Colon It is the home of the son of Christopher Columbus (Diego Columbus). This house has been converted into a beautiful museum with some original furnishings and some copies of original furniture. Walking through this museum gives you a sense of how Columbus lived in the 15th century.

Spain Square It is a large open gathering area that on one side has 8 restaurants overlooking the square and on the other side is the Alcazar de Colon (home of Diego Columbus, son of Christopher Columbus). The square is found at the end of Calle Las Damas Street.

Cali Las Damas Perhaps it is the most historically important street in the city. It was the first paved street for the Americas and it was also the street on which women of high society walked after the church to attend lunch. The streets are filled with 15th-century buildings that have now turned into museums, hotels, restaurants, etc. Draw the date as you walk down this street.

Kali Conde Probably the second most important street in the city. This street is closed to cars and full of shops, cafes, restaurants and hotels, and has a small park (Parque Colon) in the middle, on the other side of this street, is Parque Independencia (Independence Park).

Fortaleza Ozama It is a 16th-century castle that was built overlooking the Ozama River in the colonial area. This is the oldest designed castle in Europe in the Americas.

Ruinas de San Francisco It is the remains of a monastery built in preparation for the Franciscan Fathers in 1508. This ruin is important and was the work of Governor Nicholas de Ovando.

PAnton de la Patria Originally a Church of the Jesuits, it later became a mausoleum to house the remains of some of the prominent patriotic, civil and military heroes of the Dominican Republic.

El Park Colon (Columbus Park) It was the main gathering center for celebrations in the colonial era and remains to this day. Located on Calle Conde Street across from Conde Hotel and near Santa Maria Cathedral, it is a great place to sit on a park bench under a tree and relax from visiting museums and monuments to enjoy the beauty and culture.

Restaurants, bars, cafes and night clubs

There are many restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs in the colonial area. I will focus on those of historical significance, those that I enjoyed and others that our former clients enjoyed.

Overlooking Plaza Espana (Spanish Spanish) and Alcázar de Colón (home of Deigo Columbus), there are 8 restaurants located respectively. Each of them has a menu located in front of the restaurant in Spanish and English. All eight restaurants are elegant, and the longest restaurant in the new world is one of these eight restaurants. Pate Palo (The Wood Station) was once owned by a one-leged pirate which is a 500-year-old restaurant that Sir Francis Drake once ate. Whether you're eating Pate Palo or one of the other eight people, you can't go wrong with picking one of these.

Calle Conde has many restaurants to choose from. It's casual clothes for lunch, casual or informal at night. Segrefrados, an Italian restaurant is an excellent location not only for food but for people watching. They have great coffee in the morning to start their day, and the pizza is excellent. For more traditional Dominican cuisine, visit the first floor of the Conde Hotel. This restaurant has a patio overlooking Parque Calon and Santa Maria Cathedral.

At the end of Calle Conde Street, there is a very famous cafe / restaurant called Grands, formerly Pacos. This restaurant is open 24 hours and is a great place to have coffee and some breakfast to start your day. This is not a great place, but an ordinary coffee shop on any day of the week, you'll see people gather here to enjoy a good conversation with coffee, Dominican food, no matter what time it is.

LuLus Tasting Bar is a great place to enjoy a cocktail and dinner. It is a very trendy informal site.

Onnos is a nightclub located in the heart of the Colonial Zone where you can hear the country's favorite music (Bachata, Merengue, and Salsa).

As I mentioned before, there are many restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs to choose from, but I wanted to give you a list of what we consider popular options. As you walk around you will see many others, if you see someone you like, all you have to do is go in and have fun.


Between history, museums, great restaurants, cafes, and nightlife, the colonial area should be the point of view for anyone visiting the Dominican Republic. This is a friendly area for English speakers and it is very safe to roam around as a tourist.


Enjoy an unforgettable stay at Cameron Highlands Farm

When visiting Cameron Highlands, you have several types of accommodations to choose from. Usually, you can choose to stay in one of the many hotels or apartments around the towns and villages of the Highland Resort. Alternatively, you can now also choose a farm stays in Cameron Highlands.

From these farms you can try on Mr. Ng Ching Chau, which is near the famous Kea Farm Market Place. Just imagine getting up in the morning and going out of your room and seeing you right in front of you, no more than 10 meters away, a beautiful farmhouse with cabbage, carrots, leeks, tomatoes or anything that Mr. Ng might plant at the time of your visit.

Mr. Ng has 4 rooms with double bed, which can accommodate from 2 to 3 adults and a large family unit with capacity from 6 to 8 adults.

The rooms are simply furnished and clean, each with an attached bathroom. There is an electric kettle for you to boil water and make coffee or tea.

You can also cook your simple dinner just outside your room. With cold weather, it can be a very enjoyable experience. Mr. Ng vegetable farm is located directly outside the rooms and depending on what you grow at the time of your visit, you may be able to purchase fresh cabbage, leeks, tomatoes and many other types of fruits and vegetables, usually Mr. It allows you to choose and choose vegetables on your own.

If you don't mind the simple farmer lifestyle, staying on a short farm might be a great experience for you and your family!

When is the best time to visit Cameron Highlands?

So you may be planning a trip to Cameron Highlands soon. You may also wonder what time of the year would be an ideal time to visit the Highland Resort.

Although I might be biased in my considerations when it comes to visiting Cameron Highlands because I consider this place my favorite place on earth, I think I can help you when I suggest you go to Cameron Highlands.

The beauty of the Highland Resort is in a calm and calm atmosphere. So I think when you visit there you may want to enjoy this calm and calm feeling of the mountains.

Ideally, you wouldn't want to visit when the Highland Resort is crowded with other vacationers making towns and villages densely populated not only with people but also with heavy traffic as well.

And when does this happen?

Much less than the times when the crowd is somewhat overwhelming and hence not the perfect time to go there:

1. All holiday season periods. These include Christmas, New Year, Chinese New Year, Diwali and major Islamic holidays.

2. During school holidays, especially during weekends during these periods.

Other than the above mentioned periods, you should visit Cameron Highlands, especially on weekdays.

As far as the weather is concerned, it is usually cold with temperatures ranging from 18 ° C to 24 ° C, although it may tilt more at the end of the year.

So if you need to know more about the Weather and Highland Resort before your visit, please feel free to check with me.

Write to me if you want to know more about a farm stay experience in Cameron Highlands!


Old Grove Beach Maine Vacation

On vacation at Old Orchard Beach, Maine is the 7-mile long beach. The beach is ideal for hiking, enjoying the sun and the tranquility of the cool Atlantic waters. There is plenty to do outside the beach, which makes it a great place to spend holidays in Maine.

Maine eating lobster from Maine and the steamboat clams ranks high on the list of things to do in Old Orchard Beach. For young children and adult children, Pier is located on Old Orchard Beach with arcades, shops and dining bars. And away from the beach itself there is golf, kayaking, shopping and other attractions.

Although it has become a year-round destination, the best time to visit Old Orchard Beach is summer. The water will be particularly cold in May and June, but it will improve with the summer progress.

Old summer activities of Bostan Beach

Among the events that you can enjoy in the summer are concerts in the town square, fireworks on the beach every Thursday from late June to Labor Day, beer and music festivals on the sidewalk, and Castle Castle in July. The annual events worth seeing are the night lighting, in which the Ocean Park neighborhood lights up on their homes, hosts a concert and treats; and the annual Beach Olympics, which are three days of competition and music benefiting from the Special Olympics. Many summer events happen on or near the sidewalk, including music and food.

Things to do in Old Grove Beach all year round

Even in the off-season, the beach is the hub of Old Orchard Beach. You can still go hiking in the sand, but you may need a jacket and some long pants. In the fall, you can enjoy changing foliage and horse riding on the beach. During the spring, you may not get into the water, but the sun will feel warm enough to calm you down on the beach. Accommodation prices can be very good during off-season as well.

Off-season Old Orchard Beach is a good base for exploring other nearby attractions. There are great shopping places in Kittery and Freeport which is the home of L.L. Bean. Portland has historic districts as well as good restaurants, shops and cultural events. You can always go on a tour along the coast and stop at a local restaurant for fresh crabs all year round.

Old grove beach dining

The Old Orchard Beach Hotel is well-equipped to suit all varied tastes that may be on vacation with you. You will find, of course, basic food items like pizza and burgers. It will be the highlight of fresh clams and lobster, which you can enjoy almost anywhere from a clam hut on the side of the road (think of fried clams and lobster rolls) to a finest restaurant where the clams will be stirred and the locusts served completely. There are also plenty of options for a delicious New England breakfast pancake (with blue berries), eggs, and coffee.

Old Grove Beach Residence

When you spend a vacation at Old Orchard Beach Maine, you will find plenty of accommodation options. To be one of the most popular beach destinations in Maine, there are motels, hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts. But there are alternatives to standard types of housing. If you are traveling with your family, large group or even as a couple on a romantic excursion (think of winter beach excursions, just between you and the surrounding), you might consider renting a vacation home or cottage in Old Grove Beach.

Offering all the comforts of a home, and sometimes more, vacation rental in Old Orchard Beach offers comfort and privacy that is uncommon in motels, hotels and hostels. Finding Old Orchard Beach vacation rentals is easier than ever, so keep in mind when planning your next vacation to Old Orchard Beach, Maine.


Spring break in Amwaj Valley, at Sun City Resort

Recently, my daughter and her friend went to Valley of the Waves in Sun City, a resort in Northwestern South Africa.

Sun City is about 230 km from Johannesburg. The resort is huge, with a number of luxury hotels including Lost City, Cabanas and Cascades.

It offers a variety of activities including drives [in the nearby Pilanesberg Game Park and Bakubung Game Park], gambling, bird watching, hiking, elephant rides / horse riding, golf courses and some water sports.

We didn't want to spend our limited time racing across the resort trying to do it all. So we chose to spend most of our time on the beach, and take part in spring break activities.

For one week in September, a mobile company I follow has hosted a one-week event during which families can play sports, extreme water sports and relax. People can also go on day trips to the event that is broadcasted live on radio and TV.

Unlike her college-associated cousin, this spring break includes clean family fun, with toddlers, toddlers in school and teenagers playing together in different groups that are constantly changing. Parents, grandparents, and other family relationships may choose to swim in the water or participate in organized games.

I wanted to include elephant rides in our show, but the girls outperformed it and insisted that I would be too busy playing in the water to want to bother the smelly elephants. I also suspect that they are too afraid to come close to a "wild animal", so I didn't insist on that. Maybe I will do it next time we come.

Here are some of our activities:

1. Take surfing lessons, then repel waves At first, I felt strange, standing on the beach, knowing that the ocean was hundreds of kilometers away. But man-made surf can be very high on this small pool, and parents and children alike can enjoy underwater diving or wave rides.

2. I learned rock climbing Amidst the natural rocks surrounding the beach area, it is ironic that the area designated for rock climbing must be artificial. But the kids had as much if they were climbing the real deal, so I am not complaining.

3. I played some volleyball, I did some hula hoops – Teens among the various family groups were happy to collect young children, teach them games or run some competitions.

4. I floated over the lazy river – The river trip was calm and smooth, until the stone monkeys on the edge of the river began to spit water at me. The girls thought it was funny to watch my butt crumble, and try to avoid the water. Huh!

5. Go on a water slide below a steep hill The person sliding on a slide should be at least 1.2 meters tall, so my nine-year-old but much shorter daughter-in-law was unable to go. So we did not prolong this activity.

6. I watched the demonstrations – The official program included demonstrations of surfing and windsurfing, as well as encouraging group dances. Dancers, who were mostly college students, were very good; their ornate shapes were well enough to get the heartbeat of many of the teenage boy pumping faster.

7. Read the novel, work a little Reading next to water is a very hard job, especially when the heat hits you, urging you to drift off to sleep for only a minute or ten minutes. I also brought a notebook and pen, so I took a few notes to write about the trip afterwards.

8. Take pictures of some monkeys – On the first day of our stay, we lost our way to our hotel. I don't know how I managed to do that, because resort planning was something I should have pulled from the beach, across the entertainment area to the front entrance of Cascades, where we were staying. But somehow, we found ourselves at the back of the hotel, and we watch monkeys breathe in litter boxes and chase each other between trees. We were very careful not to get close to them, but we took as many pictures as possible without being able to view them.


Delicious travel memories

Like most, I love shopping and eating all over the world. Dine in New Orleans, and New York City was my favorite. I loved New Orleans in New Orleans, in the French Quarter and the Leaders ’Palace, in the Garden neighborhood. Jazz musicians came to every table, and memories of food and music continued for the rest of the week.

Dine at the Plaza Hotel, where you will find me in New York City. Top of the sixes and four seasons were two of my favorites then.

However, if I had to choose one place where food and shopping were the best, I would say Thailand.

For lack of a regular tour, the agent booked me on a trip to Bangkok with two nights at the Sheraton Hotel. After two days I found the beautiful Omni Watergate Hotel, a better location with great Asian dishes of all kinds. The area was near clothing makers and shops. I changed my American money to baht and booked a week there. When traveling to the various shopping districts of Bangkok, the cost of a typical cab ride was just fifty cents against the dollar.

For the next two weeks I spent in Phuket Town and Phi Phi Island. The use of airlines in Thailand was expensive. I have since learned that a train trip was less expensive and more beautiful on a trip.

Beaches were exciting and enjoyable, but I was warned at the time to be careful about the currents. Traveling north, I spent a few days in Chaig Rai. I went to the night market where there were food and entertainment stalls and Aborigines selling their creativity. Everything tasted was incredible. The artwork I bought was unique and cheap.

Moving to Chaij Mai for another week, I took some culinary lessons at a school run by Permont and Suryan Nanyan. We all had our own cooking surfaces, and we shared our final products with students from all over the world.

I loved sweet and spicy spices and was able to recreate my Thai specialties when I got home. Thailand has been one of my most memorable experiences

When I'm really busy traveling, I spend some time in places like Epcot Center and Disney. It brings back memories while eating at different Epcot World restaurants.


A trip to Northern Europe


Denmark, bordered by Germany, is a small country in the north. Denmark is a country with a long and interesting history, a kingdom that has participated in many historical movements over the years. In addition, many kingdoms near Denmark attempted to invade the country. Another neighbor is Sweden, which in some ways reminds Denmark of, for example, things like architecture and social behaviors. Both countries are proud of their traditions and highly appreciate them for staying in touch with the old traditions.

Family closeness is one of the most valuable things that Danes and Sweden value. But they love to keep them for special events that happen throughout the year. This could be a family weekend or holidays where they have time to spend time together. Since the Danes work a lot, in fact, a busy life is a big part of everyday life in Denmark.

Danish lifestyle and architecture

When I visited Denmark, I saw many interesting things and many ancient cities across the country, with a touch of romance. What I noticed most were the beautiful houses in the small towns surrounding the islands. It's really easy to notice, and everyone who has ever visited Denmark will know what I mean. I traveled from Germany, and I traveled on my motorbike to a small coastal town in the northeast of the small island called Finn. When I came to Kerteminde I felt very relieved, because I really felt that I was surrounded by water. The beach with a long beach area on the coast went from one location to another. It was a summer vacation or rather a vacation for me, so I used to swim in the beautiful ocean every day.

First time in bed and breakfast

I slept at the Samlingsstuens bed and breakfast, which was located in the center of the small town. Her residence was inside a protected building, in a patio called "Andreasens købmandsgaard". Here they had beautiful rooms with pretty flowers on the side table next to my bed, and a nice clean room, which I really appreciate.

The schedule asked me to stay in Kerteminde for only a few days, but I already finished staying there for 5 days. I am a person of nature, so most of the time I used to wonder about the beaches and large forests that were around the area.

Vikings from Denmark

I also went to the Viking Museum, which was about 10 km from Samlingsstuen. He had a meeting up the modern Vikings, happening. I learned many things about Danish history and culture on that day, and even savored real Vikings.

Basically, this place was a good sticky place to go with a family, and there were a lot of things for kids to do and learn. But even going there by myself, the joy was really capable.

at the end

I want to share a word that I encountered several times during my stay in Denmark. The so-called "hygge" is a unique description, for example, a family bond or perhaps another way of saying "chill out." The word is particularly associated with Denmark, and it describes well how the Danish people are.

Greetings from me


November Rain

Everything seemed perfect when launching my flight from Allahabad to Mumbai. I had leather to comfort me in the hostile winters of the three states that I would review; the scattered ship hung happily on the left side, and most importantly, Cartos (my motorbike) looked awfully hungry, impatient in swallowing 1,400 km away. I was excited and happy with the only ride. I always liked riding on my own, because it gave me the freedom to stop anywhere, light a cigarette and look around.

The first day of my trip was familiar, starting at 1 pm, and I expected to arrive in Jabalpur at 8 pm and take refuge in the hotel. Covering 400 hundred kilometers in 8 hours was not easy. Road conditions and other motorists like drunk truck drivers and drowsiness make traffic very thorny.

After exiting the boundaries of Allahabad, I entered the terrifying Riva, which is referred to as the Red City. Red soil flying from the ground creates layers of blindness from dust. The roads were completely disintegrated with countless numbers of dingol. Sure, the most treacherous road I've ever tried, during my 15-year horse riding experience; it took me 3 hours to roam 25 kilometers away, while my joints cried in pain while managing the clutch of a 500 cc engine and balancing a 200 machine Kg. Oddly enough, the red color of this city appears synonymous with chilling with its bloody record. True, it is considered one of the most violent incidents in Uttar Pradesh. However, I arrived at Jabal Jabal around 9 pm and took shelter in a hotel on Russell Street, although no one knows who Russell is.

The second day started early and I left at about 5 am, with the intention of traveling 250 km between Jabalpur and Nagpur quickly. Roads that connect the two cities and states to the runway of private aircraft can also be used, as they are wide and tempting without any signs of humanitarian presence for up to 25 km along. Opened my throttle went and I had some serious fun in this stretch.

Covering 250 km in 3 hours this expression must be validated. However, all this soon ended like a bubble burst.

When I entered Maharashtra, it rained and came to me surprised. Keeping me busy I expect the rain to stop at any time because it does not rain in November, for the first few minutes I tried to keep calm and overlooked the dreaded thinking of raining.

After seeing any determination in my determination to deny me the rights to ride a horse, I pulled out a cigarette this time and thought it was not checking or opening any imaginative window in my mind but rather dealing with my nerves, who are currently suffering from anxiety. I decided to get a cup of tea and think about strategies for dealing with a beautiful opponent. Now I was completely wet and the tepid rain had done its best; it started to freeze. When I was sitting in a small bed in Dhaba in the Nagpur area, I began to count the negatives and negatives of the ride; I reached some disappointing conclusions.

Rain makes the roads wet and slippery, impeding the speed of the motorized bike and getting worse because the human body is directly exposed to eyelashes. This means that I will have brutal body pain in the next few hours. The wet glasses make the vision mysterious and I didn't have snakes on my comfortable glasses and I had to get rid of them, which means sore eyes. Along with all these rains, it creates a deceptive environment for riders and drivers alike.

Consequently, I suffered from the first nervous breakdown after I realized the uproar of these harassments that would be fired upon me if the rain did not hinder me.

I did not find any solutions to these frightening problems, I went back to the saddle and started riding again. Meanwhile, my endeavors to find a cheater were the wind; surprisingly, I didn't find anyone with the right dimensions until I got to Nasik (600 kilometers from Nagpur).

As expected, the speed was greatly reduced due to wet roads and bad visibility rains. I kept wearing wet clothes and shoes for another eight hours with frequent stops in Dubai on the highway. Invading dhabas every 50 km, and melting my body almost while standing near tandoors became convention. Because of these doves, my bones remained in service for 12 hours of heavy rain.

I have seen approximately 8 to 10 accidents between Nagpur and Mumbai involving vehicles of all shapes and sizes. Most accidents were caused by unexpected rain and sunken road conditions.

From Allahabad to Mumbai, at least 50% of the highway is repaired according to the Gold Quartet plan that started during the period of Atal Bihari Vajpayee as prime minister. The Akola Highway is part of this renewal plan as well, so it's hard work to make these roads better. Government employees were so busy they didn't notice that building materials like sand, tar, blue metals, etc. were scattered all over the highway, which could lead to disaster. A mixture of water, pollution and dust was combined with tar and blue minerals mixed with it and topped by myriad pits. Now, it was more difficult to see and ride.

Sometimes, the pits look much shallower than they really are; they have reduced the depth of one of these pits. While trying to overtake a truck, I got into a real deep truck, which gave me wings. When Kartoos' front suspension entered, I felt that the rear tire had been lifted to the floor.

Despite the numbness that comes to mind after a crash, I have developed a habit of always escaping to the beast and exploring the injuries he sustained before my examination. I tried to continue my un blogged conference on this incident as well. I ran to Kartoos, raised it and put it on the side of the road, where I parked it on the center rack. Then I sat back on a tree and smoked a cigarette. I have suffered many cuts and minor bruises on my palm and knee, but the right calf was burned very much after coming into contact with the exhaust pipe in Cartos.

After the accident, she sat on the side of the road for an hour, and applied toothpaste to the burning calf, with Kartoos laying on the middle stand still impervious, while the Lorries and S.T buses were moving at a rapid pace.

There was no civilization for 100 km. Back and forth. After the accident, my body suffered bruises but my mind was almost gone. I felt miserable, desperate to get home and feel the warmth of the cave. I tried to call my loved ones, but my cell phone did not find a signal in this forbidden land for God. Fortunately, Kartoos forgave me of my madness and started a kick start. I had to ignore the bruises, return to the saddle and continue to ride.

"The journey is like marriage. The specific way of error is to think you control it."

John Steinbeck.

I kept riding while it was dark covering the lands. At nine in the morning, I was very tired of studying the way I was walking; I was simply following the back lights of S.T buses and big trucks to cover the seemingly endless distances. A mixture of water, tar and oil with collapsed roads is a killer. If it's not about these larger vehicles, you probably haven't arrived in Mumbai for another 3 days.

That night for the first time in my life, I felt sorry for being alone. I was riding on bumpy roads without civilization all over to find solace, in these troubled times; the only moving objects around them were the nerve compounds with their doors closed.

Thinking about the terrible conditions I was in, I prayed for my life and I hope not to die tonight. There were many possibilities that would play an important role in fulfilling this prophecy such as deep holes, isolated roads and sleighs that pass through virgin forests, drunk truck drivers not bothering to run on a motorbike driver, or local drivers giving wings to the rider. By inserting lathes in the front tire and then stealing his belongings, perhaps life. And what if no one finds out what happened to me.

When these sarcastic opinions aroused my obsolete senses, she wondered if I was with a person I know and trust, things would have been simpler than that. People always criticized me for being lonely, eccentric and self-interested tonight, I wish I had not been cruel. Most of the time I installed on my own. Going to the movies and eating out alone; I ignored friends and family and God is sorry for all this night. When the fear of death scared me the intelligence and loneliness that struck me the poisonous snake, I realized the importance of relationships, friendship and love.

After that, I was immersed in the process of answering innovative questions for myself, such as why do we live together in societies, why do we talk with each other, and why do we look at each other, because it is a human desire to love, to be cared for, to be touched, to speak with It seems that I have come to the true meaning of life.

As I was thinking about these enlightened conclusions, I saw a sign reading "Welcome to your hermit", which means that this ordeal you are about to end.

She was not on my to-do list that night because you are very special about health and other amenities in the hotel room. When I entered Nasik, the task was to catch a warm bed; I rode towards the first hotel on the horizon. Kartoos stopped cautiously, unleashing the stationery on the left side of its rear tire and invading the hotel.

A Sikh man in his 60s sat at the front desk in the middle of the hall lit up in a weak voice and hung a picture of Nanak's door with a stunning frame above us all on the wall behind the table. I went up trembling with it like owning someone and asked me "Hat Melji Tao?" He looked suspiciously at me and asked if I had proof of identity and immediately started blaming the recent bombings for his shameless behavior. Sure enough, I said, bend over to open the wet septum, which was pouring water from it and wet clothes were embarrassing to deal with. While I was looking for my wallet, I looked up and saw that the old man was sneaking at me with his shoulders resting on the table. I didn't blame him for this; in fact it seemed to me like a fugitive suspect.

Finally, I found my wallet and handed over my license to it, then read it completely and called Ganesh, a room service boy, to take me to my room. I asked for his permission before I lit a cigarette and waited for Ganesh to come and take me to my room and the nice thing called Bed.

A teenage boy came right away and asked me if he could raise the mixed dress for me, she denied and told him to take me to the room right away, which he did; he was smart to understand his despair. We went on one trip and got to the room that I would spend on the big night. He opened the door and saw him, the holy bed, that I felt was calling me with open arms.

Ganesh asked me if I needed anything, when I answered in company no, he obeyed the room and closed the door. Then I went to sleep after a quick shower with hot water.

I woke up around 11 in the morning and felt energized after a restful and deep sleep. She stood on the bed with my back resting on the wall and asked what things had done and the torture she had been through in the last two days. I remembered the thoughts that were chasing me the night before and how I got stuck; the human desire to survive is thirsty. She stood and opened the window glass, and the fresh breeze filled the room. I looked out the window, there weren't many cars on the street even during this time of day. He declared a public holiday due to demonic rains.

I went out on the street and found a clothing store that works with the winds that suit me. I cleared my bill at the hotel and came to Cartos. Kartoos concluded by my side during all this as a true friend. I passed my right leg, settled in the saddle and rode out of town in an aristocratic way on the road that took me home, through the beautiful Kasara Ghat. The rain continued to attack, but she could not bother me as I said to myself and to the rains "It has gone worse."

This trip did not change my mind about travel, horse riding, people, God, love, family, life, death, and loneliness, but it changed me as a person. Although I was sometimes afraid and felt scared most of the time by the pain in which the unexpected November rains met, I kept laughing at the conditions the whole time.

The man who broke through the Mumbai frontier on November 16 was not the same one that left it for 15 days. This was without a doubt the most complex day of life.


The Italian flight: Sorrento

A slight breeze from the sea was flirting with my face. It was warm. It was a mild pleasant morning. From afar, he stared toward me at the quiet governor of Naples: Vesuvius. Napoleon had lived under his peaceful rule since 1944. However, this was not always the case. This magnificent volcano was responsible for ruin and destruction. "Pliny the Younger," a Roman poet, narrates Pompey's last moments in a letter to his friend "Tacitus" – it's breathtaking.

I was sipping my fresh tassoon. A drink often ignored outside Italy. It's a refreshing sweet drink made with rice (yellow lemon fruit), an aperitif ideal ideal if paired with big green olives.

I was sitting on the balcony of the Grand Excelsior Hotel Victoria. This historic hotel has been managed since 1834. The hotel is located on a cliff, on the edge of Sorrento. It took very little for my wife to fall in love with her stunning scenery, secluded garden and frescoes. Before I knew it, the first check was made to reserve this place for our wedding.

My wife was there next to me, scribbling on a piece of paper. While I loved the sea, I was touched by very technical questions, "What about flowers? What kind of chairs should we use? What is the list?" My answers were very thoughtful and deep, "All my love desires," and I kept staring at the sea.

In the middle of this picturesque balcony, the small door was surrounded by Roman statues. The entrance was for an elevator ride from the hotel to the sea. Sorrento does not really have beaches. What they have instead is what they call beach facilities. Sunbathing platforms with a touch of Italian. You can rent your own cabin, sunbed or king size bed, or just relax in your own sofa. You can reach the sea via the suspended stairs around the facility. When you feel this slight tingling sensation in your stomach, you can enjoy the best seafood in the restaurant – by the sea. My wife enjoyed Mozzarella de Bufala, and she is now hooked on her – I had a delicious Frescilla. It is bread placed in the oven twice to dry. After that, soak it in the water. As the bread softens, it is removed from the water. At this point, you can wear it with fresh tomatoes, salted anchovies, and basil. The last touch is to add some extra virgin olive oil, and the job is done. This is a bright and light lunch for a day at the beach. If you are in Sorrento or Naples, I beg you to try it, and you will thank me for that.

As a child, I loved spending time in these institutions. The whole experience is reminiscent of a scandal film in Sorrento with Sofia Lauren and Vittorio de Sica.

After a snooze this afternoon – my American wife completely embraced the afternoon snooze issue – and there was time to leave after sunset. We took the stairs to the top of the cliff. We ended up in Villa Communale (it is a garden). At the entrance to the villa you can find the beautiful Saint Francisco Church. Before you see the entire Bay of Naples. We sat in the villa's mini bar, and at my wife's request, we enjoyed an aperitif – by then my wife had embraced Italian customs entirely. I had Tasuni – I watch him when I return to Naples – and my wife AperolSpritz. It was late afternoon, so we decided to go for a walk before dinner.

The city center is still arranged as a Greco-Roman city. In the center of the main square, Piazza Tasso is a small café where one can enjoy aperitif or ice cream. Make sure you get ice cream when you get out there. Forget your appropriate application, it is worth it. He took us for a walk in the narrow streets. The shop walls are decorated with massive lemon. Don't be fooled, they are real. Penisola Sorrentina is famous for its massive lemon and lemon products such as lemon soap, limoncello and its colorful ceramic artifacts – all of which are handcrafted of course.

As the evening drew near, my wife and I did our best: wine and dining. On our evenings, we chose Ristorante Il Buco. It is located in the old part of the city, across a street that leads to the port. Its interior is remembered from a cellar with a romantic touch. The lighting was perfect and there was enough room between each table to enjoy a conversation with your partner. Restaurants in London and New York usually enjoy taking your personal space away. Not in Il Poco. Throughout the evening, we enjoyed a variety of dishes from degustazioni. The kitchen is improved, excellent service. The food was accompanied by Greco de Tofo. I ended up in the evening with my head on the table and barely managed to breathe. However, everything was worth it.

Charles Dickens, John Keats, and George Byron walked the streets of this small town. Like many others before and after them, they fell in love with her spirit, people, meals and stunning scenery. As for my wife and me, I ended up getting married from there. There could be no better place to celebrate our love. I always loved spending time in Sorrento, and now I can share that with my wife. After all, Sorrento is not the place to see it once. At the famous Torna a Surrient, we moved to our next destination: the Eternal City.