Hotels in Athens Greece

Q. = I booked a hotel in Athens, Greece A list of Athens hotels or Greek hotels is a travel agent or website that suggested to me. After getting there to my surprise, the hotel did not meet the criteria that I was told I would get. For example there is no swimming pool, no private toilet, and no tennis courts. Is the owner of the Athens Hotel or a responsible Greek hotel owner?
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A. = Responsibility towards the consumer is completely the regulator and / or travel agency, i.e. the tourist agent from which the customer has purchased the organized travel package, and this is even for services that were not produced or provided by the organizer and / or the travel agent directly, but by Other cooperating companies (for example, hotels, organized trips, transportation services, etc.). So beware when booking a hotel in Athens from a website.
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Q: What is the procedure for booking a room or apartment in an Athens hotel or in Greek hotels in general?
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A. = Customers must contact the owner or management of Athens hotels or Greek hotels and submit their reservation request by phone, fax, email or telegraph.
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Q. = What is the usual procedure to ensure acceptance of the order?

A. = Within 3 days, the owners or management of Athens hotels or Greek hotels in general, who are interested in your reservations, must send you an answer to inform you if they accept the reservation to rent any of their rooms or apartments that the customers require. Owners must respond in writing, by telegraph, email, or fax, stating that they accept the reservation customers requested.
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Q. = I have made an inquiry about some of the reservations I need at Athens Hotels in Greece. What is a fair deposit for bookings in Athens hotels or in Greek hotels in general?
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A. = Owners of Athens or Greek hotels can request up to 25% of the total stay price for all days booked. Although the deposit must not be less than the value of the one-day rental. The reservation is considered complete with the payment of the deposit identified and with the written approval of the reservation by the hotel owner.
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Q. = I have booked a couple of different hotels in Athens

Greece. Can I cancel reservations I made for any or some of the Athens hotels or Greek hotels in general?

A. = When one reservations rooms or apartments that are part of a complex in any Athens hotels or Greek hotels, to use them for a predetermined period of time and the rooms are used for part of the period, the customer must compensate the owner of the Athens hotel for half the price agreed upon for the period he did not use Client.

Q. = What if the customer notified in writing at least 21 days before the reservation dates that he had changed his plans?

A. = If the customer in writing informs the owner of any hotels in Athens at least 21 days before the reservation dates, the customer will be exempt from compensation he must pay. The owner of any hotels in Athens must return the collected deposit.

Q. = Should we understand that any reservation can be canceled?

21 days before arrival time and customers ready to get a full refund?

A = Yes, that’s correct.

Q: I stayed overnight in a hotel in Athens, Greece. I really love this place and don’t want to leave this hotel which is cheaper than other Athens hotels or Greek hotels in general. Do I have to leave?

A. = Renting Athens rooms or Athens apartments is part of a Greek hotel complex for one day only, unless otherwise agreed between the hotel owner and his client.

Q: = Regarding hotels in Athens Greece or Greek hotels, at what time does one have to leave Athens hotels or Greek hotels in general so as not to incur additional charges?

A. = In the event that the owner of the Athens Hotel or the client wishes to resolve the lease, the client is obliged to vacate the Athens rooms or the Athens apartments that are part of a Greek hotel complex no later than 12 noon. By staying in rooms or apartments after 12 noon and not at 18:00, the customer is obligated to pay half of the rent. If the customer remains in the building after 18:00, he is obliged to pay the rent throughout the day. If the customer refuses to pay the rent, the landlord has the right to remove from the rooms, apartments, and the customer and his luggage and / or property.

Q. = I have booked a number of Athens hotels in Greece. I will be late for some. Do I have to pay for a full day to rent these Athens or Greek hotels in general?

A. = The predetermined arrival day is completely calculated as a rental, subject to the arrival time. So if you arrive 1:00 am or at any time, you will have to pay for an entire day. The day of departure is not counted, unless the customer vacates the room. He must vacate the room no later than 12 noon.

Q. = After making a reservation from the list of Athens hotels in Athens in Greece, it was a surprise to me that there was a mix … The owner of an Athens hotel informs me that I have no place to stay in the Athens hotel or the specified Greek hotel? What are my rights?

a. The owner of the Athens Hotel owes access to the rooms or apartments that are part of a Greek hotel complex, which the customer maintains either by some type of writing, telegraph, fax, email, or with a contract.

Q. = What happens if the owner of an Athens hotel is not a residence?

A. = If the owner does not have a reserved residence, then the owner of the Athens Hotel is obligated to ensure that clients stay in another Greek hotel of at least the same degree, in the same city, and with the same amenities and conditions as those announced for his hotel in Athens. Also in this case, the owner of an Athens hotel owes payment of the transportation costs and the difference in price that may exist between his hotel in any way. If it is not possible to find an alternative hotel, the owner is obligated to return the customer with the total price of the stay for the entire period. The owner of any Athens or Greek hotels is prohibited from accepting reservations from a group that needs more beds than the hotel can authorize. If the owner accepts a reservation for more beds than permitted, the hotel category may be reduced to a one-year minimum.

Q. = After arriving at the hotel I booked from the Athens Hotels List in Greece, I found in the same area a better and cheaper hotel on the road. Do I have to pay for the rest of my reservation with the first hotel in Athens or a Greek hotel in general?

A. = If a room is rented for a certain period, the owner of the Athena Hotel will not have the right to cancel the rental contract before the agreed time period, unless the customer: a) violates the hotel’s regulations b) suffers from a disease or illness that is contagious or suffers from diseases Or other illnesses that may disturb customers staying in the hotel c) violate common behaviors.

The customer must respectively: a) accept the Athens room or the Athena apartment which is part of the hotel complex that was booked by himself or by his representative, unless this is what he booked. B) Keep the apartment or room in Athens until the end of the agreed reservation period, otherwise the customer is obligated to compensate the owner with an amount equal to half the rent for all the remaining days that have been reserved, where the rent is the agreed-upon price for a one-night stay. All of the above may be in effect in the event that the customer does not arrive at the Greek hotel on the predetermined arrival date, except in extreme cases such as earthquake works for example, earthquake earthquakes and others, which must be concretely proven. The lease agreement between the owner and client of the Athena Hotel is fair and strong, provided there are documents or relative evidence, such as a written reservation confirmation.

This article is designed to help clients with questions about Athens hotels, Athens hotels, Greek hotels, apartments or hotel rooms. If you think something suspicious about your reservation, you can contact E.O.T, the Greek Tourism Organization or the Tourist Police in Athens, Greece.