Borneo Highlands, Kuching, Sarawak put me on the cloud 9

Fog began to flow, like soft cotton clouds, gently wrapping the undulating greens at Borneo Highlands, 1,000 meters above sea level and an hour's drive from Kuching, Sarawak. Watching the rolling clouds from the reception area, I felt like I was in another world, possibly floating on cloud 9, at Borneo Highlands Resort, which is located on a mountainous plateau, surrounded by tropical rainforests and high plateau.

It is that time of year that the company is in an annual retreat for its Borneo Highlands resort employees, who reside at the club. Our journey started to top Borneo at the bottom. Due to the steep and spectacular rise, it was not advisable for inexperienced drivers and their cars to drive or go to Borneo Highlands because of the extensive damage that could occur to brakes and gears. We wisely took the transfer service to Borneo Highland Resort, and the last 20 minute ride was from the foot to the top.

Logging in to Borneo Highlands was easy and everyone was friendly, staff and guests alike. Cold temperatures and a return to nature are great anti-stress properties. The club room we received was not large but was adequate for one person, with a clean, comfortable bed and ceiling fan, as air conditioning was not necessary. However, I was very surprised that the toilet was not closed but an open design with a low partition. He popped up like a sore thumb in the small room, but I got used to it after a while. Each floor of the club had a shared shower facility.

The first day of our retreat was the company's social meeting. After a healthy vegetarian lunch at Annah Rais Café at Borneo Highlands Resort, we start trying the various amenities the resort offers. The first thing on my list was the massage chairs … what an awesome feeling of comfort and I wish I didn't have to move, at least I had to lie on the chair. After that it was the outdoor pool … brrrr … the water was too cold for me. Imagine being wet and windy … Unimaginable.

Now, the hot tub was another matter altogether. The heat of flowing water and the rising steam with natural closed surroundings created a tremendous sense of luxury and well-being. I will return to Borneo Highlands resort for this alone and massage chairs.

That evening, at Annah Rais Café, we got into dinner made up of many delicious vegetarian dishes. In case you are wondering, Borneo Highlands Resort offers vegetarian and meat only, and very healthy and healthy options. After dinner, some of us took a leisurely stroll around the resort, stopping at Swan Lake to see the black and white swans gently gliding across the surface of the lake amid a backdrop of rich green leaves.

Borneo Highlands Resort is a unique golf resort featuring Hornbill Golf Course, and is popular with passionate golfers who want to practice their skills facing the unique design of the golf course at Borneo Highlands Resort, situated on a mountainous plateau with steep hills and surrounded by tropical rainforests. I was so eager to ride a golf cart though, but unfortunately no golfer was keen to let me ride a joy.

The next day was not full of fun because it was full of discussions and workshops about the company's future plans, directions and goals. Meeting rooms and facilities are conveniently located within the Borneo Highlands Resort. The quiet and tranquil environment helped facilitate dialogue sessions and enhance our contribution to ideas, but personally, it wasn't much fun. By the end of the day, we were mentally exhausted, but a shower and a round of massage chairs helped revitalize my body and soul.

On the third and last day, I visited the nursery of flowers. It was interesting to see rows and rows of flowers, from seedlings to full-grown plants, with blossoms of all colors, nodding their head, saying enjoy your stay in Borneo Highlands! There were different types of roses, chrysanthemums, chrysanthemums, amaryllis and azalea, some of which were planted in pots for sale, but I did not get any of them. Usually, the flowers or plants that bloom in a colder climate will not be appreciated that they cannot be planted in a warmer climate, and their response may be the most likely place and death. I decided to be nice to them and let them live longer.

Borneo Highlands left late in the morning for Kuching and took great memories of our retreat in the highlands. Next time, I will try to try the amazing Forest Resort at Borneo Highlands.