Lourdes tourist attractions – nightlife, hotels, shopping and travel information

Lord is a small spiritual city. It is located in the southwest of France. This city is famous for the Virgin Mary sights. The city is surrounded by a sacred atmosphere. Millions of pilgrims visit this city all year round. The city has an amazing silent life. The people of the city are honest and spiritual.

Eurostar to Lord

Lourdes is a beautiful city where you can spend your vacation perfectly. This is where you can spend relaxing and peaceful holidays. Reaching his beautiful paradise is now a few hours game. Eurostar high-speed train has a link to this place as well. You can take your train from St Pancras International Station London to Paris and then from Paris by changing your train to Lourdes you can reach your destination. Believe me, it is a comfortable and fast trip.

Lord of attractions

Lord is a charming city with the smell of sacred life. Visits to all the attractions give you a new life experience. It is a spiritual village but besides this there are many other attractions that can be seen.

  • Pink BasilicaIt is a beautiful place in the wonderful city. It is a major part of Our Lady of Lourdes reserve.
  • Bennadet CinemaIt is a large cinema hall in the city. Here you can see the big Hollywood movies. Here you can also pass through the lives of the saints and city events.
  • Poly millIt is located on Bernadette Sobiros Street. This is the birthplace of Bernadette Soberus.
  • The Cashout: – It is located in Petits Fosses. It is a wonderful city building.
  • Healing baths: – It is located on the road de la Foret. It is a beautiful church and swimming pool. It depicts the history of the city.
  • Miracle CaveIt is located in Esplanade de Rosser. It is a beautiful cave dedicated to the Virgin Mary.
  • Pyrenees MuseumIt is located near Al Hosn Castle. It holds a collection of cosmopolitan, cultural and traditional landmarks of the city.

Hotels and resorts

There are good facilities for staying in the city. Eurostar links with the best hotels throughout the region. You can book your hotel with your ticket. Save your money when you book your hotel with your Eurostar tickets.

  • St Etienne Hotel
  • Lourdes Panorama Hotel
  • Beauvais Hotel
  • Nevir Hotel
  • Excelsior Hotel
  • Grand Hotel de la Groote
  • Paradise Hotel
  • Grand Modern Hotel
  • Alba Hotel

Lord's nightlife

The city's nightlife is full of crowd, enjoyment and fun. City residents enjoy nightlife. There are many night events in the city. Charming bars, discos, bars and casinos are available to make your nightlife rocking

  • the cave
  • Not Luna Negra
  • Or Roy Albert
  • Not Pompeii

The holy nightlife of the city

The city also holds sacred nights. Here you can have peace of mind. Events such as prayers, the Bible is read all night. In all religions a place dedicated to the lords nights.

  • Light torch parade

Shopping in Lourdes

Lourdes provides you with famous shops, shopping centers and malls. It is the best place to buy books and spiritual things.

  • Brasserie Leaf
  • Le Palacio
  • Carmen Marc Valvo Lourdes
  • O Omar Das Litras e Das Gents