Holiday accommodation in Broadbeach on the Gold Coast in Australia

So she asks Broadbeach, well, I'm glad you did, stay with me, and let me tell you about heaven as a destination with friendly people, mild climate, blue ocean and white sandy beaches.

I'm sure your interest in the oceans and beaches arouses your interest and I can understand it, and relaxing on a quiet beach in the glorious sunlight while watching the surf houses has something so much to dream about. Not on Broadbeach on the Gold Coast in Australia, this tiny suburb is blessed.

Broadbeach, a suburb of Gold Coast, is one of Australia's most popular tourist destinations due to its proximity to the perfect year-round climate and long sandy beaches. It is also a very safe place, and very popular with international tourists who many have settled here which makes the region multi-cultural.

While on the Gold Coast, many people choose to stay on Broadbeach for a variety of reasons, including its very central location, much more relaxed and quieter than Surfers Paradise surfers, great dining options and its proximity to the beach.

The majority of the accommodation is on Broadbeach, between the Gold Coast Highway and the beachfront. Therefore, most places are only five minutes or less, stroll to the beach. There are a few places that offer direct beach access and many places that offer views of the beach and the ocean.

Most of the accommodation options on Broadbeach are resort apartments, and there are only a number of hotels including the Sofitel and Conrad Jupiters which is also a casino and entertainment complex. Most of the apartment buildings are of a high standard, but note that some smaller places show that the age of the buildings was built in the 1970s and 1980s. Regardless, they are still clean with the friendly staff and may save on newer establishments.

The best deals on accommodation in the area can be found during off-peak periods, meaning outside of school holidays in Australia, and outside major events and conferences that are often held at the Gold Coast Exhibition Center.

There are many online accommodation providers who usually offer far lower rates than rack rates and sometimes even offer special offers. Check for a complete list of online reservation agents.