Choose a hotel for a family vacation

Although it is true that millions of us leave the UK every year in search of the sun, sea and sangria, there is still a large percentage of people choosing to spend a vacation near home and stay in the UK.

This may be due to increased awareness in recent years of the effects that global warming is already having on our world. We all hear and see media coverage that encourages us to "do our part" to reduce our carbon emissions. I remember hearing about a "green" airline that provided a service under which a seedling tree was planted for every ticket purchased, relieving a person’s conscience from frequent air travel by returning something to the environment. For me, this shows just how willing people are to help preserve Mother Earth.

Or perhaps the reason why many people decide to spend a vacation in the UK is actually much simpler. Can many of us realize that there is so much to see and do here that there is no need to simply go further?

So if you decide that you also want to spend your next vacation in the UK, how do you choose where to stay and what do you do? This of course depends on the type of vacation you and your family are looking for. Will it be an action-packed adventure or a more relaxing vacation? Whatever your preferences, there will be many possibilities to choose from. My advice is to do a lot of research first before deciding your final destination. You can organize an evening before the vacation with your family, where each of you have the opportunity to say what you want to do, as well as offer suggestions for destinations. Let's face it, everyone is excited about taking a vacation, young and old alike. Armed with everyone's suggestions, the master holiday planner can then work out to find the right destination and accommodation.

I find the internet is by far the best resource for finding suitable holidays in any selected destination. From the comfort of your own home, at a touch of your reach, you can search through endless possibilities. Although all the major search engines will return somewhat good results from searches like "hotels in Cornwall", I find that by using directories like, you get much better results. This is because the directories give the user an opportunity to be somewhat specific, and adjust his requirements such as cost, number of rooms, etc., before returning with a list of possibilities. For me, using guides like this saves a lot of time (which might be better to spend in deciding what new clothes to buy for your vacation).

Once you have a shortlisted menu, you can start checking your accommodations in more detail by clicking on the links to the individual sites. This is when you need to check that your hotel (or any other place of residence) has all the facilities that you and your family will need. For example, if you have a young family, you will need to choose a child friendly hotel that meets your little needs every need, and may offer babysitting service to give my mom and dad a well-deserved rest. Alternatively, if your family is made up of older or less able members to work, then you will have another set of requirements that must be considered such as access to wheelchairs, elevators, etc.

One of the advantages of using a hotel directory like is that you can browse, check availability and book directly online. You also have an additional guarantee of quality, as these guides use masked shoppers to ensure the highest standards of the hotels listed there. Well, I hope you find this advice helpful when considering booking your next vacation in the UK. Unfortunately, I can't help the weather!