The Inn of Life: Gwered

Personally, I recommend that everyone, from any background, lineage or age, experience trying an inn at least once in a lifetime. Very bold statement? Well, I don't think so. I have been living in hostel for 3 years, and I plan to do it for next year too. The reason I am a great supporter of this reason is that regardless of good or bad, living in a hostel gives the person invaluable experiences that equip her / treat her better from now on. As Mark Twain correctly pointed out, "We must be eager to emerge from an experience only of the wisdom in it – and stop there; lest we be like a cat that sits on a hot stove cap. It will never sit on a hot stove cap again – and that's Good; but she will never ever sit on a cold anymore. ”A good experience often comes from experience but experience itself comes from both bad and good times, and the hostel is an ideal place to start especially when a person enters adulthood.

After describing the effect of hostel accommodation, let me discuss some of the pros and cons of living in a hostel.


• Reduced drought –

Well, living in a hostel gives the person enough opportunity to interact with people because the people inside the hotel complex are everywhere. These shy individuals who are unable to properly interact with others over a period of time will have to speak to at least people in their rooms. Added to this festive festivals, festivals and birthday parties together enhances the building of relationships and gives the person a great opportunity to break out of his time.

• interactions –

For those of us who are not very shy the Inn is the perfect place to meet people from different regions, backgrounds and lifestyles. People from different countries gather and live under a common roof, giving them an opportunity to see an interactive session.

• It is cheap –

Let's face it guys, living in an incredibly cheap hostel, if you leave everything new and modern AC. If we are talking about basic residence with all the requirements needed, then the hostel is the perfect place. Even the hostels that many students prefer are relatively cheaper than staying in a rented house or hotel. I also live in a university hostel, and it's really a good place for parties!


Being indulgent in bad things

It can tempt people to do things that will harm them in the long run. Cases of cocaine, ganga, cigarette smoking and alcohol consumption were observed in hostels.

Lack of privacy

Privacy is at risk when you live in a hostel. In many lodges, there are people who have rooms in the room, which further reduces privacy.

• Safety –

Theft cases are sometimes reported in hostels.

Therefore, there are explained the living lodges from different points of view. One must try to live in a hostel, do not forget to learn from everyone's mistakes, and live a good life in the future.