A trip to Northern Europe


Denmark, bordered by Germany, is a small country in the north. Denmark is a country with a long and interesting history, a kingdom that has participated in many historical movements over the years. In addition, many kingdoms near Denmark attempted to invade the country. Another neighbor is Sweden, which in some ways reminds Denmark of, for example, things like architecture and social behaviors. Both countries are proud of their traditions and highly appreciate them for staying in touch with the old traditions.

Family closeness is one of the most valuable things that Danes and Sweden value. But they love to keep them for special events that happen throughout the year. This could be a family weekend or holidays where they have time to spend time together. Since the Danes work a lot, in fact, a busy life is a big part of everyday life in Denmark.

Danish lifestyle and architecture

When I visited Denmark, I saw many interesting things and many ancient cities across the country, with a touch of romance. What I noticed most were the beautiful houses in the small towns surrounding the islands. It's really easy to notice, and everyone who has ever visited Denmark will know what I mean. I traveled from Germany, and I traveled on my motorbike to a small coastal town in the northeast of the small island called Finn. When I came to Kerteminde I felt very relieved, because I really felt that I was surrounded by water. The beach with a long beach area on the coast went from one location to another. It was a summer vacation or rather a vacation for me, so I used to swim in the beautiful ocean every day.

First time in bed and breakfast

I slept at the Samlingsstuens bed and breakfast, which was located in the center of the small town. Her residence was inside a protected building, in a patio called "Andreasens købmandsgaard". Here they had beautiful rooms with pretty flowers on the side table next to my bed, and a nice clean room, which I really appreciate.

The schedule asked me to stay in Kerteminde for only a few days, but I already finished staying there for 5 days. I am a person of nature, so most of the time I used to wonder about the beaches and large forests that were around the area.

Vikings from Denmark

I also went to the Viking Museum, which was about 10 km from Samlingsstuen. He had a meeting up the modern Vikings, happening. I learned many things about Danish history and culture on that day, and even savored real Vikings.

Basically, this place was a good sticky place to go with a family, and there were a lot of things for kids to do and learn. But even going there by myself, the joy was really capable.

at the end

I want to share a word that I encountered several times during my stay in Denmark. The so-called "hygge" is a unique description, for example, a family bond or perhaps another way of saying "chill out." The word is particularly associated with Denmark, and it describes well how the Danish people are.

Greetings from me