Delicious travel memories

Like most, I love shopping and eating all over the world. Dine in New Orleans, and New York City was my favorite. I loved New Orleans in New Orleans, in the French Quarter and the Leaders ’Palace, in the Garden neighborhood. Jazz musicians came to every table, and memories of food and music continued for the rest of the week.

Dine at the Plaza Hotel, where you will find me in New York City. Top of the sixes and four seasons were two of my favorites then.

However, if I had to choose one place where food and shopping were the best, I would say Thailand.

For lack of a regular tour, the agent booked me on a trip to Bangkok with two nights at the Sheraton Hotel. After two days I found the beautiful Omni Watergate Hotel, a better location with great Asian dishes of all kinds. The area was near clothing makers and shops. I changed my American money to baht and booked a week there. When traveling to the various shopping districts of Bangkok, the cost of a typical cab ride was just fifty cents against the dollar.

For the next two weeks I spent in Phuket Town and Phi Phi Island. The use of airlines in Thailand was expensive. I have since learned that a train trip was less expensive and more beautiful on a trip.

Beaches were exciting and enjoyable, but I was warned at the time to be careful about the currents. Traveling north, I spent a few days in Chaig Rai. I went to the night market where there were food and entertainment stalls and Aborigines selling their creativity. Everything tasted was incredible. The artwork I bought was unique and cheap.

Moving to Chaij Mai for another week, I took some culinary lessons at a school run by Permont and Suryan Nanyan. We all had our own cooking surfaces, and we shared our final products with students from all over the world.

I loved sweet and spicy spices and was able to recreate my Thai specialties when I got home. Thailand has been one of my most memorable experiences

When I'm really busy traveling, I spend some time in places like Epcot Center and Disney. It brings back memories while eating at different Epcot World restaurants.