Old Grove Beach Maine Vacation

On vacation at Old Orchard Beach, Maine is the 7-mile long beach. The beach is ideal for hiking, enjoying the sun and the tranquility of the cool Atlantic waters. There is plenty to do outside the beach, which makes it a great place to spend holidays in Maine.

Maine eating lobster from Maine and the steamboat clams ranks high on the list of things to do in Old Orchard Beach. For young children and adult children, Pier is located on Old Orchard Beach with arcades, shops and dining bars. And away from the beach itself there is golf, kayaking, shopping and other attractions.

Although it has become a year-round destination, the best time to visit Old Orchard Beach is summer. The water will be particularly cold in May and June, but it will improve with the summer progress.

Old summer activities of Bostan Beach

Among the events that you can enjoy in the summer are concerts in the town square, fireworks on the beach every Thursday from late June to Labor Day, beer and music festivals on the sidewalk, and Castle Castle in July. The annual events worth seeing are the night lighting, in which the Ocean Park neighborhood lights up on their homes, hosts a concert and treats; and the annual Beach Olympics, which are three days of competition and music benefiting from the Special Olympics. Many summer events happen on or near the sidewalk, including music and food.

Things to do in Old Grove Beach all year round

Even in the off-season, the beach is the hub of Old Orchard Beach. You can still go hiking in the sand, but you may need a jacket and some long pants. In the fall, you can enjoy changing foliage and horse riding on the beach. During the spring, you may not get into the water, but the sun will feel warm enough to calm you down on the beach. Accommodation prices can be very good during off-season as well.

Off-season Old Orchard Beach is a good base for exploring other nearby attractions. There are great shopping places in Kittery and Freeport which is the home of L.L. Bean. Portland has historic districts as well as good restaurants, shops and cultural events. You can always go on a tour along the coast and stop at a local restaurant for fresh crabs all year round.

Old grove beach dining

The Old Orchard Beach Hotel is well-equipped to suit all varied tastes that may be on vacation with you. You will find, of course, basic food items like pizza and burgers. It will be the highlight of fresh clams and lobster, which you can enjoy almost anywhere from a clam hut on the side of the road (think of fried clams and lobster rolls) to a finest restaurant where the clams will be stirred and the locusts served completely. There are also plenty of options for a delicious New England breakfast pancake (with blue berries), eggs, and coffee.

Old Grove Beach Residence

When you spend a vacation at Old Orchard Beach Maine, you will find plenty of accommodation options. To be one of the most popular beach destinations in Maine, there are motels, hotels, inns, bed and breakfasts. But there are alternatives to standard types of housing. If you are traveling with your family, large group or even as a couple on a romantic excursion (think of winter beach excursions, just between you and the surrounding), you might consider renting a vacation home or cottage in Old Grove Beach.

Offering all the comforts of a home, and sometimes more, vacation rental in Old Orchard Beach offers comfort and privacy that is uncommon in motels, hotels and hostels. Finding Old Orchard Beach vacation rentals is easier than ever, so keep in mind when planning your next vacation to Old Orchard Beach, Maine.