Historic sights to visit in Mexico

Mexico's historical attractions ranging from the ancient ruins of Olmecs, Maya and Aztec, the train routes used by screaming and the legendary Pancho Villa – are second only to the beaches of Cancun and Alcapulco. The reason for this is simple: The tale of Mexico's past, accompanied by a colossal amount of beautifully preserved historical remains, is as romantic, dramatic and complex as it is possible.

Plaza de la Constitucion, or Zocalo:

This is the main square of Mexico City's historical center. At 830 x 500 feet, it is the second largest public square in the world (Moscow's Red Square is the largest). The large area of ​​paved spaces is decorated with a huge Mexican flag in the center.

This is the heart of the city, the location of events, festivals and protests, and a good place to start your explorations.

Metropolitan Cathedral (Metropolitan Cathedral):

The colossal cathedral on the north side of Zocalo has been built for 250 years and includes a mixture of architectural styles. Like many buildings in the historic center of Mexico City, it slowly sinks to the ground.

A large engineering project was implemented in the 1990s to save the building, not to prevent it from sinking, but to ensure that the cathedral would be flooded uniformly.

Nuestra Senora de Guadalupe Church:

This is not only an impressive building but also a central religious shrine for every Catholic in Latin America. It is near Mexico City, so you don't have to move far from the city. If you are interested in politics, the house where Leon Trotsky lived during the last years of his life is also located in Mexico City as with the mayor of Templo, which is the ruins of a temple believed to be the center of the universe by the Aztecs, would prove more than satisfactory.

In Guadalajara there is the distillery of José Cuervo and the Tapatia Square, where all the tourist shops are located. In Oaxaca there are Monte Alban ruins and if you have any chance of a train trip through the Canyon Canyon.

Hotels in and around tourist areas are among the best in Mexico. Getting to Mexico for any tourist from any part of the world will never be a problem thanks to the numerous trips to Mexico from around the world.