Top 5 attractions near Ninoy Aquino International Airport

Overdue excursions, especially in a city like Manila. But do not panic. Just book a hotel room in Parañaque City, Philippines, Makati or Pasay. Here, you can see the various sites and attractions south of Manila, which will keep you entertained during a long hiatus or while waiting for a better timing flight.

Fortunately, there are many places near Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) that you can visit to engage you while you are grounding.

Philippine casino

This government-owned gaming and gaming center is located a few minutes from NAIA's Terminal 1 in Parañaque City.

Aside from night entertainment and gambling, this is also a good place to eat, shop, party and watch world-class events. Casino Filipino contains something of all ages and persuasion.

Resorts World Manila

This commercial, residential and entertainment complex is 10 minutes' drive from NAIA. Here you will find the finest casinos, hotels and resorts in Paranik. The affluent and famous visit this upscale place, but people from all walks of life can enjoy entertainment, dining and design shops here. It is also a prominent night spot because of clubs and high-level performance.

Villamor Golf Club

Take advantage of the long wait and enjoy at Villamor Golf Club. This country club is 12 minutes' drive by taxi from the airport. While waiting for things to settle into NAIA, you can hang out with your friends or family. It has upscale amenities, friendly caddies, restaurant, cafe, lounges, and even a massage area.

SM Mall of Asia

Take a taxi and after 15 minutes you will reach the third and second business center in the Philippines. It covers 42 hectares and has hundreds of shops. Everything you could wish for in a mall here: restaurants, shops, cinema, activity and entertainment centers, event, sports square and concert halls. Over the weekend, people are treated to a spectacular firework display. Tired of exploring the 42 hectare property, you will be glad that you booked accommodations in Parañaque, a taxi trip away.

Philippines Duty Free

For stressful people, retail therapy is always a good choice. There is no other place in the city where it is fun to spend money on “convenient purchases” from popular duty free stores. There is a Duty Free Shop inside NAIA, but you will not regret taking a 9-minute taxi ride to the Biggest Store. It is packed with designer brands and other products and commodities that are usually found in the United States and Europe. There is a good chance that you will forget your travel problems and extend your stay at your chosen hotel in Parañaque City, the Philippines or other nearby cities when you see how easy it is to shop here.


The near death experience (the near death experience) or divine intervention?

This real event happened about thirty years ago. Although I only shared it on two occasions, the strange experience remains very clear to me. The only thing missing is Logical explanation.

Two years ago, I found myself limiting my story to a bunch of stories business men. I finished my short but powerful story, letting them ask. To my surprise a man impatiently suggested that I have what is known as N.D.E – the experience of near death.

I have read and heard a number of near death experiences. In each case people found themselves leaving their body and transcending another area of ​​life for a period of time before returning to their body. In many cases their life has changed considerably from that time. In my case, I have never experienced leaving my body or any kind of transcendence, but simply losing Excerpt from the time. It looks as if this small piece of the event was freed from my memory and that a "snapshot" was placed to rest between the debris on the floor of that bathroom.

Let me explain:

I was in my mid-twenties and had not yet woken consciously to what kind of spirituality. Or, in fact, I was doing a great job ignoring what was constantly knocking on my closed mind door. I have to point out at this point that it took many years and even more harsh blows to wake me up last.

I was on a business trip in 1976 and stayed at a very old hotel, but one day a top-class hotel in Melbourne. The small bathroom consists of a bath, hand basin and porcelain toilet. The shower head was above the bathtub and a plastic curtain sliding around a stainless steel track attached to the ceiling.

This morning I was standing in the bathtub and taking a shower. Suddenly a strong wave of hot water appeared. As I tried to get around the hot water jets to set the temperature my feet slipped from underneath and went back on the side of the bathroom. It was as if it had happened in slow motion. He grabbed the instinctively curtain to stop falling. But all I could do was pull the matches off the ceiling. The next few seconds or minutes remain a mystery. I don't remember hitting the floor. My next memory is to stand in the bathroom looking up at the debris on the floor. The shower screen and fixtures are located on the floor with the destroyed pieces of ceramic toilet. There was no sign of me.

When my colleague arrived to collect me for our first appointment, I shared my experience and showed chaos. I checked to see if I was doing well, laughed and didn't even think about it. But I did For many years to come and I still do.

Was that a near death experience? At this lost time, can I leave my body and go back again? Or is it divine intervention? Or are they the same?

Now, thirty years on the right track, with the help of a rear view and a "waking up" of all the possibilities and miracles that lie inside I will choose the miracle of divine intervention.


J 'iame Paris – Budget Holidays

That time of year was again. February, meaning, as this famous single song once said: "Love is everywhere." So my friend, Gerard and I decided, because this would be the first day of Valentine's Day together, we wanted to go ahead without having to push an arm and leg for our trip, which meant we were aiming for a budget holiday. So when he told me that he had booked us a trip to Paris, the city of love, I knew this would be the best Valentine's Day ever!

All these things are soft …

To tell the truth, I have never been to celebrate Valentine's Day. I don't know why, but it always seemed like a marketing fraud rather than an actual love celebration. But this year, I thought I threw my theory out the door and enjoyed it as it is. Marketing scam or not, I wanted all the cute funny things Christmas.

When we got Girard to Paris, we booked our hotel near the city center. We had the most amazing view which also included the view of the Eiffel Tower. Yes, we were in Paris and the air was full of excitement. Someone Gerard once told me that Paris looked like a romance merged everywhere, and that you are surrounded by every nook and cranny with poetic gardens, gardens and art. The Parisians know how to enjoy life to the fullest and they know when to quit smoking so that there is always time for the most important things in life.

Live a Parisian life …

On our first day in Paris, it started out in a real Parisian style, with a café and a croissant for breakfast in the café on the way. I think both Gerard had my appreciation for the way people sat in the morning with their cup of coffee, as they spent their time reading the newspaper, as if they were in no hurry to start the day.

For the rest of the day we were wandering around the city and we did one or two hotspots, but not before we did the only thing that Gerrard insisted on. Since I met Gerrard mentioning him once or twice that he wanted to go to the Louvre, so when he finally got his chance, I was happy to be able to share it with him.

Although not exactly what I expected, the Mona Lisa was definitely something I had to admit, it was great. Girard explained who knew more about art than other artists ’history, but what I liked is architecture. I know, it's not exactly the main reason why you went there, but I still find it very cool.

We came the night away …

Our actual Valentine's Day was as romantic as I imagined. We went to the top of the Eiffel Tower during the day. The climb, although very scary, was worth some time because the view was simply amazing. When we returned down, we wandered to another part of the city and along the banks of the river. Our day was pretty comfortable, but our big Valentine's Day will be highlighted by our evening plans.

We were booked on a romantic evening in Latina. It is the Latin American cinema and bistro. A strange combination I initially thought of, but it proved to be the perfect combination. At seven o'clock that evening we watched the Argentinean French movie, "La leçon de tango". After that we went to the Bistrot Latin restaurant for dinner and our own Tango dance experience. Although neither Gerard nor I had ever danced before, it really didn't matter to us, it was all about enjoying this moment, and of course it was more enjoyable for years, especially because we were absolutely useless in Tango!

The rest of our vacation in Paris was a pure blessing, and Ella Fitzgerald once sang: “I love Paris in the time of spring”, because with the early signs of spring and the exciting atmosphere, it was really easy to see why Paris is known as the city of love.


The weather is weird!

My wife and I recently enjoyed a wonderful and amazing meteor shower from our small country house in central Texas. With the near-full moon rising in the east, archery stars stretching from north to south, the temperature hovering around 50, and wolves spinning from far away, it was the perfect night to see one of nature's most fun fireworks displays. It is hard to see such a show and not being humble by nature.

Talking about nature ….

The two were different. Freezing was, literally – 32 degrees and a decrease. Cold curse. The sudden dramatic change in weather was somewhat surprising, but not very uncommon. You know the saying: "If you don't like the Texas weather, wait a second …" but it's the weather It was Different – there was a bite of cold that was uncommon for Texas, and everywhere I went on Monday, people were stuck, "The weather is weird, huh?" I would simply like to reply with the word "Yes, it's a little strange."

Really strange.

Later that afternoon, I jumped on a plane and headed to Baltimore on a business trip. When I left Baltimore Airport for a ride to Delaware, I was surprised by the high temperature. Baltimore is supposed to be cold in December (and Texas warm), but here it was 70 degrees wet. When I got to my city car for one hour north, my driver, a golf player and a professional friend, commented that it was too warm for Baltimore.

He answered, "Yes." "The weather has been very strange recently. Just last week, we moved from 20 degrees in one day to 70 degrees the next day. Everyone moved from stadium to golf within 24 hours. Strange."

Really strange.

After a terribly troublesome night at my hotel in Wilmington (all air-conditioning units in hotels shut during the winter, because, you see, it's supposed to be cold in Delaware in winter), I wake up on a rainy and wet day. My client took me in the hotel and the first thing he told me as I jumped in his car to ride to the office … "A strange weather man. Did you bring an umbrella?" I laughed and told him that "strange weather" was the mantra of the week and shared my story with him.

Later that day, while I was facilitating a meeting with a group of government employees, I noticed that their interest was no longer directed to me. Everyone was looking at the past, outside the windows. She stopped talking and slowly looked outside, and to my surprise I noticed it was falling! Huge, beautiful white snow flutters to the ground! Yesterday I was uncomfortable due to moisture and heat. This morning was not cold … now is snowing?

The weather is weird!

What is going on here !?

In his recent book, Hot, flat and crowdedThomas Friedman describes my two-day experience as "Weirding Global", and attributes these seemingly brutal fluctuations to global warming and the accompanying changes that climate warming has brought about. His argument is convincing and is confirmed by daily experience. Not only my experience … you. Ask yourself how often have you or someone around you commented that the weather was strange? Although we struggle with interpretation, we all intuitively know that something is not right with the weather … seems to behave, good, weird.

This is a fact. Or, perhaps an annoying fact … the weather is being Changing. Or more precisely – the global climate is changing, which affects the weather in strange ways. As Friedman notes in his book, "Climate change over time is a stable science. Climate is now changing in unusual ways against the backdrop of long-term natural variability that is accepted by almost everyone." Something is being Different. Whether you choose to believe that humans are the causative agent of climate change, or that this is a natural variation in global temperatures, the truth is that the world is heating up, and carbon dioxide levels are rising, leading to the destruction of the C02- climate feedback loop.

The combination of the two is strange weather. It is expected to become a lot, a lot Worse with time.

What will be the result of this strange trend for society? Should we plan for more events in Katrina and Haiti, where the weather in the world continues to become totally unpredictable, and the world is unstable? If so, what does this indicate in preparing personal responsibility?

The weather is really strange. The question is: Are we ready for this?

Be safe and stay informed. be ready.

Kevin Baum


Video tips for the success of your video

One of the best things I've done recently is spending a work holiday as a volunteer cameraman with a local charity because I live in it. The video will be a 30-minute documentary about the work of a children's charity. As a group, we traveled to several rehabilitation hospitals in several cities in Vietnam.

As a speaker I always try to improve the ability to tell my story. But as a videographer, my role is now shifting abroad. The first to recognize a story, then to capture it immediately in the video. I have already started using a video arsenal to perform vlogs for my website. Some of the video imaging skills that I already know and practice. But many events surprised me and helped me develop my expertise.

Here was my scenario. I was traveling with our team of 11 interpreters to hospitals to provide full-day workshops for parents and young children with cerebral palsy. The rooms were narrow. It was hot and humid. Toward the end of the day, the children were tired and crying. Sometimes I had to jump from room to room to capture scenes for children aged 9 months to 17 years. I was looking to capture the passion in the faces of mothers and their babies. I also wanted to introduce each of our healthcare professionals who volunteered to work with these children.

We will leave our hotel at 7 AM and will not return until 5 PM most days. Besides wanting to visit and eat with our team in the evening, I usually had at least two hours working in my room backing up, reviewing and indexing all the days of the video I collected. But I was in my element where there was so much going on around me. I felt like I had a story to tell and tell. Here are the tips I learned and would like to share.

1] Don't assume that you will only keep camera and video capture. You may also have to jump and become the producer, choreographer and editors – everything from start to end video production. Also, you the editor will enable you to capture the video the way you want and save the valuable time you are editing.

2] Make sure you have enough battery power – enough to run a full day of camera work. Buy the largest battery you can. I had 2; 1 for the morning and 1 afternoon. We were off for 12 hours on some days. Also make sure to purchase an external battery charger. Built-in camera charger standby. Do not count on her when photographing every day on a road trip. You won't want to risk blowing camera electronics while charging the battery. One fact is that I didn't have a backup camera. If it crashes, I will sit idle.

3] Get a travel bag that you can carry around easily and access on the go with our daily video. I had 2. My most important thing was to download all of my video equipment. When traveling, you don't want to be signed in to your sensitive video equipment. On your daily outings, get a smaller backpack with lots of pockets that you can comfortably carry on your shoulder or back so you can easily reach while photographing.

4] Get a long stretch for your hotel room when backing up the video and recharging the batteries every evening. I took this advice from a co-worker who travels internationally and saved me a great time. The hotels we have stayed in usually only have one plug that is easily accessible, albeit across the room where all my laptops and video devices have been tuned. If I don't have this long power cord, I'll be in tatters.

5] Backup your video clips every evening to an external drive if not two. Check it to make sure it was copied correctly before deleting it from the camera. I made 2 backups. 1 in the laptop and the other on an external USB drive.

6] Owning a laptop computer with video viewer so you can review your videos to ensure that you get the clips you want are not perfect or out of focus. My video preview software is installed on my laptop so I can watch my video quickly, i.e. lighting, panning or maybe a lot of tense motion. The mistakes made today can be corrected for tomorrow.

7] Make sure you have enough SD memory cards. Sometimes it can get worse or get lost due to its small size. You may have found good content and decided to shoot longer to capture everything.

8] Have a wrist strap attached to the camera. If the camera slips from your hand, you have another chance to save the camera from bending over the concrete. This saved me many times, especially in hot weather when my working days were 10+ hours and I was tired.

9] The wrist strap should have some brands such as your country's flag. Mine was a red TEDx rope and had already started several conversations with other tourists and eventually exchanged biz cards.

10] Wear hiking pants with lots of pockets. I had SD cards, batteries, notebook, pen, water bottle and everything else in every pocket.

11] Large and large tripods. I had a telescopic carbon monopod that was great at getting me into tight spots quickly. Also adjusts to the fly. It was very comfortable to adjust and adjust the overlapping legs. It was also great to get past people's heads when crowds evolved on my topic. Top shots add a big impact as well. There is no such thing as getting right into the topic of the story.

12] You may have a story in mind but be prepared to follow the Segway story or 2 that may explode right in front of your eyes. You should always be vigilant of the scenes and stories that develop around you. Make the camera and microphone work to capture this video with a good sound. This can be a blessing in disguise to give your story a touch or spin. Remember that you can also collect enough good shots of two or three additional stories, to be edited and released at a later time.

13] Always keep your camcorder handy during the day of filming – even in the evening when you are out for dinner with your team. You never know when a video story will appear in front of you. You want to be able to capture it. During the taxi ride, I got a very insightful opinion from one of our Vietnamese interpreters about the history of CP in Vietnam. Real episodes of this nature cannot be repeated.

14] Always make your camera visible around your team or topic. You will get so used to your subjects that you will not know in the end whether or not you are photographing them. This is great for capturing those candid shots. My goal was to arrest them at work around parents and children as frankly as possible. We all know that as soon as a camera appears, people go with stones, guard and train. You want to capture it as comfortable, straightforward and natural as possible.

15] Make sure to have a variety of energy bars and snacks, including water in your packaging or pockets. I didn't, and there were days when we hadn't eaten for a while. You want to conserve your energy. Nothing is worse than the hunger or thirst that distracts you from your video recording.

16] Most importantly, do a daily index of all of your videos while today is on your mind. It started slipping after the first few days and I started to forget about the clips that were from where. I quickly corrected this by doing excel papers on my laptop, indexing by clip number, scene description, location and briefly this. I did this every evening in my hotel room, while charging batteries and making backups. If you know the story line you want to follow, you can start tagging specific clips for use in the documentary. This saves you time when you get home. I also found it very useful to review all clips every evening so that they are included in my mind; I hadn't had enough and still needed.

17] Keep your videos for no more than 2-3 minutes, up to 1 minute. Once I returned to Canada, I found it much faster to find a video by searching 5 clips in 1 minute, rather than searching in 1 clip of 5 minutes. This discovery completely surprised me.

18] My main topic Laverne and I agreed that whenever I felt rude about an emotional comment ready to appear, she was referring to me so that I could come as soon as the video of her monologue. These comments will be sprayed throughout the documentary to reflect the reality of what happened during our 3-week assignment. It is helpful for the photographer to get to know the person in question quickly by spending time with him for a coffee, drink or meal. In this case, it was as easy as Laverne and has been a good friend over the past few years.

Upon returning to our hotel at the end of the day, we always had an hour-long questioning in the dining area, giving each team member an opportunity to share anything they wish, whether it was related to the workshop or their true feelings in general. This was the time I used to get some ideas for other videos that I could capture the next day. It was also a great way to build a team and share your experiences as a group in a far away country.

do you have. My advice to aspiring video developers. I am really looking forward to my next video trip, as I will further enhance my above mentioned skills. Happy video diary!


5 tips to combine business, leisure travel, and the Middle East destination

As summer approaches, I always ask myself how I can run two companies and still get away. Travel research indicates that we Americans are more likely to lose our vacation days. The best solution I see is combining work and fun on every trip abroad.

After I registered for a conference in Dubai, I was fascinated by the contemporary Middle East and I would like to know more about its ancient cultures. After some investigations, I found a trip to Dubai via Jordan with a few days' stoppage.

He left nothing to chance, as she arranged the airport pick-up service and booked a 5-star hotel located in an elegant location in Amman with many restaurant options nearby and inside the hotel. After I studied Arabic, I was pleased to practice it even though the Egyptian courses I studied differ greatly from the Jordanian accent.

As a crossroads, Jordan has a wonderful history from the ancient Nabataeans to Alexander the great, the Romans, and Byzantine and Arab cultures. Besides its historical monuments, Jordan has a very present culture today. Shortly after my arrival, I saw this first hand when a local wedding made way through the lobby of the hotel to celebrate dance and music.

The next day, I went on a one-day tour of the capital to explore the Roman ruins in Amman. I stood high above the city, listening to the muezzin’s call to prayer. With just a short stay, I took most of the time taking a driver as a local guide for about 12 hours every day. Fortunately, the distances were somewhat close by as we explored the next day that focused on the Roman ruins of Jerash. Its popular history begins at the time of Alexander the Great, but it fell before the Romans under Pompey in the first century AD. With a mild October climate, our guide and I eat fresco surrounded by vineyards. There was no tourist bus on the horizon!

The next day trip to Byzantium Madaba ended in the famous Dead Sea. I became famous for spa treatments, I had time to look at the sea before taking back my steps to Oman.

Saving the best means spending a whole day in the pink city of Petra, built by the Nabateans. It has been shown in Indiana Jones and other films and in a mysterious novel by best-selling British writer Agatha Christie, it is a world heritage site rivaling the pyramids. Besides the large treasury, there are a series of small buildings, cafes and handicrafts located in a suitable place for sale. Of course, the tourist path to the entrance should have been on camel back to provide great pictures.

After an enchanting week, it's time to go to Dubai for a conference and sightseeing tour afterwards. Dubai is famous for unexpected stops such as air-conditioned bus stations, the development of the Palm Island and luxury hotels. For me, as an "Intermittent Intermediate Skier", I was fascinated by an indoor ski resort located in a local mall. With limited expectations with real workouts, I knew this would make a great story and the perfect location for a holiday card picture. After a feast of Southern Fried Chicken at the food complex in Mall of the Emirates, my summer clothes were covered in colorful ski clothes and I was standing on the escalator ladder and pillars at hand. After a few runs, he was stopped to get hot chocolate at the adjacent St. Moritz Café and the perfect ending to the Middle Eastern wedge.

As a woman traveling alone in the Middle East, I have followed two processes that I find globally:

1. Arrange the airport pick-up service before leaving the house. In some countries, taxis may not be safe for either men or women. After getting into a low-grade civil war in sub-Saharan Africa, I learned to ask my hotel what they recommended, especially when traveling on my own. In major capitals when arriving during the day time, I often choose public transportation, especially trains / subway or taxi rides.

2. You choose a 5-star hotel that ideally has many restaurant options, whether in the hotel or nearby. Instead, when it was reasonably priced as I found in Cairo, I took a driver waiting for me or in Lisbon who took a taxi back and forth to try the best restaurants. On any new site, I always ask a lot of questions, especially for local women's opinions, before hiking alone after dark.

While in the Middle East, I also have two additional bases:

1. Although I will be visiting and attending a business conference in very hot desert weather, I wore long sleeved shirts with pants.

2. When I was the only woman in local restaurants, I always chose a seat / table next to husbands or other groups of women, husbands, or families.

5 tips I learned trying to combine work and fun:

1. To save airline tickets, be sure to check your connected flights for long stops.

2. Where possible, take care of business first, especially if complex trips can cause long delays.

3. Arrival during the weekend and run a test run to determine the fastest way to meet you. Even with GPS, it's easy to tackle issues. In one city abroad, I found massive construction in the area around my first meeting. Even walking, was almost impossible, and street addresses were obscured by construction scaffolding. In another foreign city, when I reached an appointment, I discovered that the outside door was closed, and I had trouble reaching anyone inside via my mobile phone.

4. Flying in a suit, carrying it, or a suitable business outlook if your luggage does not arrive on time.

5. Set multiple alarms around the clock, on your mobile phone, and with the hotel operator. Even in the best hotels, I got a wake-up call or room service error before a quick day trip. (If you can't work without coffee or breakfast, make a backup plan, as needed, if room service doesn't show up.)

The key is to plan ahead wherever possible and have some time to explore your destination. Otherwise, video conference rather than face-to-face meeting might be a better value.


Talipapa Market in Boracay – A Review

Located between the busy white beach and Boracay, Talipapa is the busiest market here. Almost all tourists visiting the white beach or Boracay end up shopping here at least once. In this article, I will tell you why Talipapa is unique and why you should visit it.

A) Fresh fish and seafood: Among the many delicious dishes you get in Talipapa Market, some are fresh fish and seafood. Any live fish can be found here; you can get shrimp, lobsters, etc. – everything new! Yes, the fish are not only fresh, they are very slippery because they are wet. Beware that some fish sellers over-price tourists (and sometimes even charge twice the original price), so be sure to bargain on prices sometimes. This is a very haven for all kinds of seafood! The great thing about this place (which I couldn't find anywhere) is that you can buy fresh fish there and in fact there is a restaurant nearby that they cook for you, for a hefty fee. To give you an idea, I paid around 1500 pesos for lobster. However, it only took me 500 pesos to cook the same food, not to mention the cooking process was really amazing. Now, could it be anything cooler than that? He did over-fry fish though. Later on I learned another, more convenient way to get fresh fish cooked for me.

The procedure is simple enough. First you go to find a high-quality restaurant there; you can choose between restaurants with or without open spaces, with or without air conditioning, etc. Once done, politely ask a restaurant employee to get some good fish (mention details, etc.). Under the prevailing "Paluto" system there are almost all fish restaurants associated with them. This way you can get fish much cheaper than if you were to start haggling on your own. I still recommend bargaining, but I think in most cases it won't be required if you follow this procedure.

B) Lots of gift shops and souvenir shops: fresh fish or seafood are of course, not the only thing you can get here. There are plenty of gift shops at Talipapa Market. Gifts and souvenirs are available at very cheap prices, but I am still negotiating prices anyway, as I have been buying several items at once! You can get all kinds of clothes you want – be it for your children, husbands, wives, sisters, mothers, or fathers, name it – there is a specialized clothing store for everyone and suitable for all ages!

A) Very close to hotels and restaurants: Talipapa is one of the reasons why it is a busy market. Located near the beach, you can find decent quality hotels near D & # 39; Mall and Best Western. You can also get high-quality restaurants with lots of seafood on their menus. You can get delicious items like lobster with chili sauce, cheese with baked scallops, garlic shrimp with butter, rice, etc., in restaurants here; plenty of cold drinks are also available.

The bottom line, as you know – you can't really keep the weight of your wallet as it is just by entering the Talipapa Market. Your stomach will start to grow and force you to eat some of the freshest fish available there! I am more than a chicken man but nevertheless I ended up spending hundreds of pesos on fish and seafood there!


C J Box & # 39; s Out-Range Review – The Western is Alive and Well

A friend of mine recently sent me a message stating that CG Box was in Denver signing a book. I immediately responded by simply putting me on a queue behind 44 other people on the same list. Needless to say, I didn't get to see it. With libraries damaged as they are, it was a disgrace that 44 potential buyers were rejected.

I decided to take Out of range On vacation with me to Utah. Joe Beckett couldn't seem out of trouble, especially with power characters. Joe is separated this time from his wife Marybeth, while he goes to Jackson Hole, Wyoming in Tetons to take over the game director who committed suicide. He is drawn to the wife of a real estate developer, while Marybeth flirts with a friend Joe searches for. Box has a real talent that makes you feel uncomfortable with the direction his stories go, because it is often unpredictable.

I was just getting into this uncomfortable part, when I remembered that I left the book in the pool in a hotel near Zion National Park. No one gave her over, and I found that I would have to wait until I returned to Denver. She tried to sell local books. They had one and only one J. J. Box and it was Out of range. Bravo! (I should have bought a lottery ticket, since the day I left my camera lens on a rock, while I was walking on Narrows at Zion and a man picked it up and brought it back.)

Box again discusses some of the West's issues, using Jackson Hole as a microcosm with its developers on one side and hugging trees on the other. It also compares the government's actions in protecting land and wildlife with those of some ancient time, early fishermen and settlers, and the way things are done. Sometimes it is difficult to determine who is correct, especially when Box depicts the diverse interests of both sympathetic and unacceptable characters.

This is the fifth book in the Joe Picket series and so far I've enjoyed all of them. I've got my husband hooked and hope you like the series too. If you wonder if the West is dead, you will be surprised when you read these books to discover that they are still alive and kicking.


On our next trip – Why should we stay in a bed and breakfast?

Why do you stay in bed and breakfast anyway?

Good question … why should you think of "bed and breakfast" versus other places to stay … after all, it seems like the last place you stayed … ok! Moreover, there are a lot of hotels or motels that you turn to … or along the road … You can easily choose one of them … right?

Sure … sure … I used to ask myself every time I / we were about to travel for work and / or pleasure … or … even when we decided to go in Self Weekend bonus "go trip" … so when we looked more at staying at the B&B, we discovered some interesting things.

For example, there are plenty of bed and breakfasts to choose from now … When we first started researching, choosing a bed and breakfast type of B&B, room availability, price, amenities, etc. was very limited.

There are a lot of them now, so when we decided where we wanted to go … and if We wanted to stay at the B&B … well, there was usually one near by.

Also, we discovered that just like in any other traditional place to stay (like this hotel or hotel), B & Bs differ depending on what they had to offer … it all depends on what we were looking for or what we wanted!

Now you can usually find one almost anywhere you decide to travel or need.

Since we're talking about where the bed and breakfast is, let me pass along this advice … the fastest way to locate a bed and breakfast on the internet … many homes have internet connection these days (or home owners can easily access the network) .. So when choosing where to travel / visit … there will be opportunities in the area.

… interesting … but!

All of this is interesting, but if you are like me, you still need strong reasons to stay at the bed and breakfast for your next vacation, family gathering, business trip or something else!

As anyone knows (especially those browsing the internet), there are many articles on the internet about travel … and a lot about B & Bs … including basic "at home" B & Bs to previous palaces … More Palaces, where families already living … now converted into a B&B.

However, most of these articles (and often video) tell you the wonderful time that you and your family, friends, friends, etc. will spend if you stay at the bed and breakfast (and you will probably do) … Plus, follow all these wonderful things that Provided by the B&B!

Although all of these articles (and / or videos) are basically ads trying to persuade you to stay there when visiting the area.

Why write about B & Bs?

My wife and I live in the Atlanta area of ​​Georgia and we have a bed and breakfast "at home" … now we would like you to come and stay with us, but we know this will never happen … and this is good, because you "do or not"" Staying with us (or at B & B) you can still benefit from this article.

It is written so that when you make the next trip, no matter where you travel … you will consider staying in the bed and breakfast, especially if you have not stayed on one trip before!

For us, we find a bed and breakfast wherever we travel and stay there … so I highly recommend them.

In addition, although the economy is not as good as it was in the past, people still travel (and travel a lot), whether for work or pleasure … especially on holidays, family reunions.

So, we hope this article (Traveler / Tourists) will make you realize that there are other places to stay in earlier, you may have overlooked.

No matter where you go and no matter why you go there, just keep in mind that there are many good reasons why you should stay in the bed and breakfast … reasons I would be glad to share with you.

By the way, most of the reasons are not a reason for me … they did not think about it … rather they went through the guests, who have stayed with us over the years … and have come up with some good ones!

If I can get any help or more information, just contact me … And remember this:

Thinking about staying in a B&B on that next trip … you will be delighted that you did!


5 tips to make business travel interesting

Business trips can be difficult for many travelers and not everyone takes them easily. Nostalgia, stale croissants and Jetlag leave the most experienced business travelers withering on laptops and tablets at the airport terminal. But new generations of business travelers have evolved and brought in a new concept for business travel. Being a traveler myself, I have to travel a lot to the UAE to attend my business meetings, but I don't spend my time in the hotel just looking for PowerPoint slides. I try to brainstorm when I walk on the beach or go out for coffee in a comfortable cafe. Here are the five tips I gave on how to make your business travel interesting and not boring.

Do not sleep once you land

When you land at your destination, don't just go to the hotel and sleep. Yes, I know you should go through Jetlag but there are other better ways to deal with it. I prefer going out for a nice meal and then walking around the park near my place of residence. In addition to trying not to stay in a hotel, I recommend that you book a comfortable home in a friendly neighborhood, and in this way remain in a lively environment rather than high-rise hotel areas that are often abandoned at night.

Make it fun for yourself

Being a frequent traveler for business trips, I discovered that there are many people who travel to handle their work but not only restrict themselves to work. Just as I always explore the city or local neighborhoods at the end of the day or once my business meetings are over, I spend just two more days spending my spare time.

Go for local good food

When you embark on a business trip, the good part is covering all your expenses, so why not eat in a good restaurant. The first official business trip to Asia was generally good except for the part where I tried a hotel reservation strategy near the airport. So I had to eat in restaurants near my hotel, but this was my worst mistake because there is no food culture there if you want to eat good food, you should try restaurants near local neighborhoods and eat what locals eat eat.

Get some new perspective

When you reach a new destination, you need to have fresh air and a fresh perspective. Sitting in your hotel room will not give you a fresh perspective. I try to communicate with new people in cafes, most of them; I am the type who prefers sitting in a cafe and then a club. So when you spend time outdoors, meet new people and get to know their opinions that help to get a fresh perspective on your own.

Surround yourself with creativity

Creativity brings inspiration, and my business trip checklist not only includes tasks to do, but also beaches, parks and art galleries. I like to go where I can be inspired. For me, visiting an art gallery or museum is good because it refreshes my mind and I can think better about work and other things.